April 24, 2006

Hot Air

Hot Air has officially launched. The new video blogging experiment by Michelle Malkin.

Since she's the biggest blogger out there I would be surprised if you don't know about this already, but most of my readers seem to be liberals (what's up with that? Conservatives, get your friends to read PEER Review FL!) so maybe you don't know already.

Question of the day, should PEER Review FL start on the video blogging craze?

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September 20, 2005

Trip to the moon

I started on this thought yesterday, but it really crystallized for me in conversation last night.

If we are going to redo the Apollo mission, which we successfuly completed 4 or 5 times, why is it going to take more than a decade to do it again? Kennedy started from scratch, having never been in space, and got to the moon in ten years. Now, we have already been multiple times, technology has advanced considerably, and it's going to take more than ten years to go back? Something doesn't fit.

Also, light posting today.

Mr. C

September 19, 2005

MOON: Alice's day has come

Get out your helmet Alice, your going to the moon. Apparently NASA has decided we should go back to the moon and we need to get there in the next 15 years. I wonder if it was because Armeggedon came on TV this weekend? You know why I think that? Because I don't think they thought about it at all. They want to do the Apollo mission all over again. Like, exactly the same transport and ship and landing vehicle (except with the airbags). Only this time they said, "Think of it as Apollo on steroids."

Should we? Aren't we actualy trying to discourage thinking about steroids right now? I mean, should I also think Barry Bonds is going to be the co-pilot or the director of entertainment, because with his ego and subtle racist suggestions all the time I bet it would be enterntaining to have him in a capsule with a couple other guys who are smarter then he is. Will the trip be aired live so I can TIVO it and watch it later?

But they have to promise to blow out the oxygen scrubber or it won't be must see tv. Maybe Tom Hanks can do cameo appearances. Or Kevin Bacon. That would really freak out the whole six degrees of Kevin Bacon game becaue it would work for future moonies (that's the name I am going to call people who move to the moon). Just a thought.

Maybe I could be the Mayor of the Moon, the Moonie Mayor. hehe.

Seriously, don't we have a better idea then the ones we had 40 years ago? Aren't there something like millions of kids who have gone to college since the 60's? Haven't I seen on the web a Mech warrior some kid built in his garage? Yeah, I think I have. I also think we can do better. If not, we might as well stay here because when the aliens come, they are going to laugh. And when they laugh, I will have to punch them in whatever it is they have for mouths, and that won't be good for diplomacy with a race of beings highly advanced and able to blow us up.

September 14, 2005

4:20 Post - Talking with live Humans

Calling the help line? Want to speak to an actual human instead of a recording? Try this.
(Via Newmarks Door, via Digg)

September 05, 2005

FL: SunBlog has it all wrong

I try not to make personal reactions to post, but there is only one way to describe this post by Tropical Bob in yesterday's Sunblog - irresponsible.

Commenter Mr. Grant is right; don't try to hide behind, "what other people are saying." Your veiled suggestions that communist countries like Cuba, China, and Venezuela can do anything other than grandstand is pathetic. Your implicit accusation of racism is disgusting. And your question, "truthfully, can you imagine any scenario in which this administration would offer aid for Cuban disaster?" can be answered with a simple Google search. One of the first examples is July of this year, when Hurricane Dennis swept over Cuba and killed 16, displacing 1.5 million.

The truth is most countries of the world, including Communist Cuba, China, N. Korea, the Islamist Middle East and Indonesia, or the socialist countries of central and South America, don't need disasters for America to offer relief.

It's a shame that you side with communist, socialist and islamofacist's  when a natural disaster, not our goverment, kills Americans daily.

Mr. C

August 22, 2005

26 examples of founding principles...

That just happen to be based on religion, specifically Christianity. Excellent roundup of historical attribution by Truth or Death.

The big picture - when the settlers, explorers and founders of this country set down and discussed how to build an agreement among men, they turned to God, Christ and their religious convictions first.

The utter and total success of the United States over the past 3 centuries should be proof enough they were right.

Did the United States' always do the right thing? No.

Has the US done more good in the world than harm? Yes.

Has the US saved the world from despotic world domination? Yes, many times, including one in progress.

Has the US saved countless lives and advanced the general well being, knowledge, comfort and real wealth of everyday humans? Yes.

Can more be done? Yes.

Should the US turn away from God, Christ and religion to accomplish it? I'll let you be the judge.

August 04, 2005

For my friends at the FL Capitol

For those of you who work on floors 4-17 of the Florida Capitol Building (or those visiting), I found this link yesterday on how to "hack" elevators. Going up! No stopping.

Mr. C

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