January 25, 2008

The State of Sunshine Breaks My Heart

I really want to head over to Tampa to give Jim Johnson of The State of Sunshine a hug.  He seems a little discouraged over the candidates and the state of the party as a whole.  Just a little bit.

"The Republican Party is doomed, my friends."

He is also frustrated that the candidates all seem the same.

I'll have to disagree.  First, one of the candidates has been endorsed by the New York Times.  That's a pretty significant difference which closed any possibility there was of him getting my vote.

Second, we certainly have differences among the candidates on social issues, that being Romney and Huckabee versus McCain and Giuliani.  An example of application is federal funding of embryonic stem cell research which President Bush took a strong stand on and will require further strength from our next President.  For social Conservatives like me, that is a huge issue that will have very different result based on the candidate that wins.  Tell a social Conservative that the differences on this issue are "shades of gray" and you'll get to see them do a back flip, pull all their hair out, and breathe fire.  I know, I've done it twice this week.

I understand that Jim is certainly not alone in his feelings.  But honestly, I have a hard time remembering an election where we had more qualified candidates on the Republican side.  Really, if you think about it, we have a line up of heroes.  Whether it be 9/11, Vietnam, faith, Conservatism, they've all got good qualities.  Even Ron Paul is a hero those few Republicans who have difficulty understanding the world around them.  Good for him.

Cheer up Jim, we'll make it through this together.  And come Tuesday, if you still don't know who to vote for, vote for Romney, for Mr. G.

That goes for the rest of you too.

And as for Hillary?  I'm an optimist, and honestly, I think she is very, very beatable.

July 18, 2007

Sayfie Goes National

If you don't frequent Sayfie Review, you should.  You can get all the Florida newspapers stories you need to know in one spot.  Now, you can do the same on a national scale at Sayfie News.  Same set up, but national scope.  My life just got that much easier.  Thank you, Justin Sayfie.

June 11, 2007

Welcome Real Clear Politics Visitors

Some of the recent coverage of the Fred Thompson surge by Bob here at PEER Review has gotten a nod from political megasite Real Clear Politics.   For those of you visiting from Real Clear Politics, we welcome you to PEER Review Florida.

May 08, 2007


Dave, the author of the spacecoastweb blog has put together a nifty aggregator which focuses on Florida Blogs.  Announcement hereWebsite here.

March 18, 2007

New Florida "Centrist" Group Not So Centrist?

CIVIC Concern was launched this past week proclaiming itself as a "source for innovative, centrist ideas and accessible political information."  Of course, I had to question that self-proclaimed "centrist" label as I have yet to meet a true "centrist."  The investigation started over at FLA Politics, but I'll finish it here.  Will the new CIVIC Concern be a "centrist" group?  Based on my research I discovered that not only is CIVIC not new, but based on the folks involved, it is anything but centrist.

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January 26, 2007

PEER Praise for The State of Sunshine

I wanted to take a moment and praise a fellow Conservative Florida Blog, The State of Sunshine.  If you've not made a habit of reading The State of Sunshine on a daily basis I encourage you to do so.  Blogger Jim Johnson, who also frequently comments here, has recently been on fire.  His reviews of the legislation on the Florida insurance crisis and review of property tax legislation have been the best that you can find anywhere.  His post to how our state can answer President Bush's call on our nation to reduce our dependence on gas was also excellent.  Plus, The State of Sunshine has a fancy new look.

There are few Florida blogs I enjoy as much as The State of Sunshine and if you take a moment to check it out, I'm sure you will understand why.

January 15, 2007

Welcome Florida Family Policy Council and GOP Bloggers

This weekend PEER Review Florida was graced with links from two notable sites; the Florida Family Policy Council and GOP Bloggers.

I encourage you to take a moment and familiarize yourself with the resources available at the Florida Family Policy Council website.  The site is fantastic tool especially during elections as they provide voters guides and other materials to help inform voters on the issues. 

GOP Bloggers is one of the best Conservative Blogs out there and is one of the few national blogs that I visit on a daily basis.  We're now in a long list of Florida blogs, but to be included at all is certainly an honor.

To those of you visiting PEER Review Florida for the first time allow me to be the first to welcome you .

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December 01, 2006

A Trap for Bloggers

In the continuing saga over at Pushing Rope, started by my linking to Billogblog's postings on his medical opinion on the Martin Anderson death, Liberal Mike Hussey and Billo exchange barbs and wow, Mr. Hussey really gets taken to task.  Its a great read.

But it brings up a trap I've seen many a blogger fall into.  In the Florida arena, I've seen it mostly in liberal blogs, though I am sure many Conservative bloggers are guilty of it as well, and too be fair, the Florida blog arena is mostly liberal to begin with.

The trap is when bloggers, wanting to argue a point, dive into concepts that they really don't understand.  Most issues that are discussed on blogs can be easily researched and fact checked, but every now and again there is a topic that requires a little more than a google search or reading a wikipedia article to grasp,  But all too often a blogger will take on a topic that puts him way in over his head.  The discussion between Mr. Hussey and Billoblog is a great example.  Not to pick on Mr. Hussey, but you will notice that he argues against the conclusion Billoblog reaches, but doesn't provide any really argument against the science Billo addresses.  I don't understand the medicine involved, so I can't really argue it either way, which is why I've stayed out of the debate.  But, Billo presents a scientific argument, Mr. Hussey responds with you're a racist and really isn't able to argue the science against someone who seems to really know his stuff.

Now I'm not saying people aren't entitled to their opinions without a detailed understanding of any given subject; but I think the blogosphere as a whole is strengthen when individual bloggers contribute based on their areas of understanding rather than attempting to be a Jack of all trades.  This is the reason I've pretty much stayed out of the Global Warming discussion, because I honestly don't understand the science enough and there is so much argument on either side that seems credible that I've not got anything to contribute to the conversation.  I'm often very tempted to join in the melee, and probably overstretch my own bounds more than I should, but this is a lesson we would all benefit from

Most political topics we can all contribute to, but when we begin to enter into those areas that require a special expertise to debate no one benefits from the mere personal insults that are almost always boiled down to when one without understanding of a subject attempts to attack one who does.

But hey, thats just my opinion.  You do what you want on your site, but be ready for Billo, the PEER Review Team and others to come down on you like fire from the sky when you demonstrate that you don't know what you are talking about.

Note:  This is not meant to be an attack on Mr. Hussey, whose blog I personally enjoy.  Honestly, he is guilty of this far, far, far less than other bloggers in the Florida arena but he provided the most recent example.  And I've said it before and I'll say it again, I visit his site daily and encourage you to do the same.

November 30, 2006

New Florida Blogs - Covering Florida and Space Coast Rising

The list just keeps on growing.  Covering Florida and Space Coat Rising.  Both added to the list on the right.  Hat tip to Pushing Rope for the Space Coast Rising link.  Space Coast Rising is a liberal college student.  He gets a a few days grace period before we start shredding the liberal jive he's posting.

And why can't we get some more Conservative bloggers in Florida?  I keep asking several of my Conservative friends why they don't get online and join the good fight.  They almost respond with "Because I have a life."  That always hurts a little bit inside, but I never let it show.

November 14, 2006

New Conservative Florida Blog - The Tallahassee Sentinel

I just discovered The Tallahassee Sentinel, a week old blog self-described as "A Conservative View From Florida's Capital."  The blog was born last week on "Black Tuesday."  The goal?

"The Tallahassee Sentinel will work over the next two years to expose traitors to the cause. It's time to force the moral compass back into the hands of Republicans - drag the GOP back to the ideas of the Contract. We will serve as a conduit between you and those working to restore the revolution."

Sounds like a good plan to me.  On behalf of PEER Review, I welcome The Tallahassee Sentinel to the Florida blogosphere and encourage you to scope it out.

September 27, 2006

Welcome Bob!

It is with much excitement that we welcome Bob of O'Blog as a new contributor to PEER Review Florida.  Bob is one of the best and brightest bloggers in the state, right up there with Mr. C and the masterminds of The State of Sunshine.

If there was any doubt that PEER Review is THE place for Conservative analysis of Politics, Education, Entertainment, and Religion in the great State of Florida, that has been put to rest today by the addition of Bob!

September 26, 2006

Constitutionally Correct

I've neglected to put up the link to this site for a long time:  Constitutionally Correct.  This blog is the ongoing project of some of the smartest guys I know.  If you read one other blog, besides PEER Review, of course, this is it.  And on days we don't post, go there.  It addresses a variety of issues centered on the various battlefields of the culture war.

For an introduction I recommend the post by Mike Manno,  Are Liberals the Only People Who Have Choice?

September 10, 2006


Several times in the last few months I have found myself inviting someone to visit PEER Review but thought to myself "They will never remember this" when I told them the web address.

As a result, we have procured the domain name www.PEERReviewFlorida.com


Easier to remember web address, same great content, all free, all the time.

So tell your friends to visit PEERReviewFlorida.com

Note:  The previous web address peerreview.blogs.com or peerreview.blogs.com/fl will still bring you to the site as well.

August 01, 2006

Have you heard?

I linked to him last week, but I have yet to sing the praises of new Florida blogger JaxGOP. JaxGOP is a breath of fresh air coming from the northeastern portion of our state, one of my favorite places to visit.

Combined with other new PEER Review FL favorites - The Campaign Manager and The State of Sunshine - there are several new or developing blogs in Florida that are covering Florida politics from a portion of the spectrum that does not include the left. We at PRFL are enjoying the commentary and insightful, intelligent analysis.

Praises sung.

July 22, 2006

e tu O'blog?

What say you?

July 21, 2006


I'm coming to you from the library parking lot where I can steal a some network signal.Comcast has somehow shut off my cable since wedensday night and I haven't been able to post. It was either that or the incredible lightening we had Wedensday night.

But that doesn't explain the fantastic customer service I've recieved since.

Hopefully, I'll be back posting this weekend. I apologize. It's frustrating.

July 13, 2006

Diurnal Distraction

Firefox cheat sheet.

Diurnal Distraction

Firefox cheat sheet.

July 11, 2006

Diurnal Distraction

Why doesn't the Tallahassee Democrat have a RSS feed?

June 30, 2006

On Point

Another conservative blog? How did I miss thee after all this time?

June 12, 2006

No posts today

Check back tomorrow.

Mr. C

June 06, 2006

Newstex syndication announcement

PEER Review FL has signed a syndication agreement with Newstex to be included as part of it’s Blogs on Demand state political coverage. From today’s press release

"They say all politics is local," said Larry Schwartz, Newstex President. "Our customers have requested that we add the best blogs covering state and local issues. With these new additions, we're making great progress in our goal to cover every important geographical area with blog content integrated with premium news and delivered to customers ready to be integrated into the electronic content applications that employees use every day."

Blogs On Demand offers blog networks and individual bloggers a syndication business model, which enhances the exposure and makes blogs easy to use for employees working in companies, financial firms and government agencies. Newstex Blogs On Demand delivers full-text blog content from premier Weblogs for content distributors and enterprise customers.

The new blog content will also be available via Newstex State Capital Newsfeed, which includes news and commentary on legislative and regulatory activity from the fifty US  state capitals. The Newstex State Capital Newsfeed delivers difficult-to-find news and commentary from US state capitals such as state capital newspapers and full-text blogs.

About Newstex.

Thank you to my contributors and readers who make everything possible.

Mr. C


June 02, 2006

A note to PRFL readers: Belated Blogiversary

Yeah, I missed my own blogiversary. I want you to know I was short with myself for forgetting to get myself a present. Not even a card!

It's been one year. My first post was May 31, and then, not much happened for a while.

Thanks to the help of readers and contributors like yourself PEER Review has grown to be PEER Review FL, what we think is the best conservative blog in the state, if not the most opinionated and acerbic (as they like to call us over at spacecoastweb).

Depending on which tracker you believe, PEER Review and PRFL combined has had somewhere between 23,000 and 33,000 hits (not counting my own visits) in our first year with readers from NY to Miami, and from San Francisco to Withlacoochie; with nearly 700 posts and over 800 comments (10,000 if you count spam!) and at least one liberal charge of skulduggery we think must be doing something right. Most of our regular readers are coming from the many blogs that link here and a couple newspapers that provided links, but mostly you are coming from government offices like the Governors office, the Florida Legislature and various other Fl agencies (DOACS, DMS, DOE, etc.). And I think my grandparents occasionally stop by too!

The point is, feel free to let people know you are coming here, it's likely they are too! Tell us what you like, what you don't, what you'd like to see more of - podcasting? research? dirty tricks?

PRFL has 3 regular contributors and a few additional interlopers (and I appreciate each and every one of you) who occasionally post on random topics. I'd love to tell you I have big plans for the next year (and I do have some forthcoming announcements), but we are going to simply keep doing what we are doing - bugging the hell out of liberals and bringing you conservative commentary and opinions on Florida MSM bias.

Don't let "The Man" get you down! Come to PRFL.

Feel like posting your irreverent conservative commentary? Come to PRFL.

Make it a habit. Go to Sayfie Review for your news links, then come to PRFL for opinions.

See you tomorrow. Or Monday.

Thanks, Mr. C

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May 21, 2006

PRFL targeted

PRFL must be doing something right. When liberals attack it's a sure sign you're pissing somebody off.

At first my compassionate conservative nature thought this just needed clarification, but now I realize it's a simple attempt to divert our attention from the lobbyist.

They should've sent someone better than a liberal who attacks his own to try a hit on PEER.

Bottom line? It's blogging, say what you want. We like the attention.

And, thanks for the hits!

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May 19, 2006

Political news from an education site

Ok, so I have been busy with preparing for and implementing a homeschooling plan this week, but I still try to keep on top of the news.

Until this afternoon when I read this story, on the education site - Miami Gradebook (new to the PRFL Blogroll) and thought, "Why am I just reading about this now, on an Education site!?"

Then I turned to my trusty Sayfie Review and there it was top and center. How I missed it today is anybody's guess (I think I was distracted by that interview with Rubio that included moving pictures and audio), but all the more reason to note what a fantastic service Sayife provides and how thankful I am to my contributors bringing different stories and perspectives to the table.

Like this one. Or this one.

Oh yeah, Villalobos... is he done or is this going to make him stronger then ever? Is Villalobos the next Jim King?

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May 17, 2006

Scraping the bottom of the barrel or, why Jim Davis should be governor

The Florida Masochist reflects on the low rankings the liberal Jim Davis scores when it comes to the things that matter in Washignton - power and influence. Guess where he ranks?

If you guessed the bottom, your right. In fact, on a couple occasions, the very bottom. Does that sound like a guy who should be the next Governor of the most populous swing state in the country?

But considering he never shows up to work anyway, are you really surprised?

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Marco Rubio, Speaker of the House

Today's Weekly Planet includes an article on the next Speaker of the House Marco Rubio by Wayne Garcia. Check it out.

He's the new face of the Republican Party post-Jeb, guiding the always-more-conservative-than-the-Senate House of Representatives over the next two years. He'll be the first Cuban American in that role and the second-youngest speaker.

"It never ceases to amaze me the complexity of the issues we face in the state of Florida," Rubio said by phone. "Florida is facing a property insurance crisis like no state has ever faced. That's had a dramatic impact on the insurance industry. So people turn to government for a solution. But government doesn't always have a solution."

Considering he's the only known political leader going into next year it's important to get an idea of where we might be heading. I think this article is a good introduction to the conservative that will lead FL government for the next year, maybe two, as others grasp to build and grow their power.

Oh yeah, PRFL is mentioned too.

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April 24, 2006

Hot Air

Hot Air has officially launched. The new video blogging experiment by Michelle Malkin.

Since she's the biggest blogger out there I would be surprised if you don't know about this already, but most of my readers seem to be liberals (what's up with that? Conservatives, get your friends to read PEER Review FL!) so maybe you don't know already.

Question of the day, should PEER Review FL start on the video blogging craze?

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April 21, 2006

New (to me) FL blog

Be sure to check out the Weekly Planet blog Blurbex. True to their own descriptions you really have no idea what they are going to post about, but they have a fantastic post up today.

Once again, thanks for the praise.

March 10, 2006

Jim Davis, the bottom 1%

It looks like the candidate who supports schools and teachers (I mean really, who doesn't?) has a bit of a truancy problem. SPT covers the Buzz on Davis missing an important vote, but his opposition is noting this is not unique, rather, it's normal.

"We should be concerned when somebody's politicking and campaigning
gets in the way of doing their job of governing - and it's certainly
not the first time it's happened with Jim Davis," said
[Rod Smith Communications Director David] Kochman, noting
that of 435 U.S. House members, Davis ranked fourth for missed votes in

Fourth out of 435. A full 99% of Representatives have a better attendance record than Davis. That's a lot of votes missed. I don't think the State of Florida can afford a Governor who ranks in the bottom 1%.

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March 09, 2006

Associated Industries now blogging

Powerhouse lobbying organization Associated Industries is now blogging daily events from the state capitol. It appears to be updated on the following day from the events, but it also looks like some opinion and personal style will be included. Kenya Cory, AIF Chief Lobbyist and one-half of the longtime lobbying duo from Public Affairs Consultants, will be performing the blogging duties. Here's a snippet from March 8 -

Later today, the Senate Criminal Justice committee had a heavy agenda – too heavy according to the Chair, Senator Steve Wise. They considered legislation dealing with DUIs; Violent Video Games; Petition Process for Constitutional Amendments and Firearms in Motor Vehicles just to name a few. The two hours scheduled for the meeting was definitely not enough time for the meeting. Senator J.D. Alexander did not receive approval of his bill; SB 1244 which would change the way petitions can be collected to change Constitutional Amendments. Senator Wise voted against the bill so that he could move to reconsider and leave pending. It is a procedure used to keep the bill alive until the next meeting. But with Democrats and some Republicans voting against the bill, the proposed legislation still has a long way to go! That set the tone for another controversial bill.            

SB 206 by Senator Durell Peaden was known as the “Guns in the Workplace” bill. Knowing how controversial it was, he changes the bill to the “Individual Personal Private Property Protection Act.” Basically the proposed legislation is intended to codify the longstanding legislative policy of the state that citizens have a constitutional right to privacy and a constitutional right to possess and securely keep legal private property within their motor vehicles. In another word, if you are an employer and you did not want a person to have a gun in their locked vehicle, you could not do a thing about it. The bill would even prohibit you from firing a person for exercising his or her constitutional right to keep and bear arms in their locked vehicle. There was less than 20 minutes for the committee to discuss the bill, ask questions, take testimony and then debate the bill. For an issue this complex and controversial you need more than 20 minutes!            

After a lot of political maneuvering including having the Senate Majority Leader come to the meeting to vote, a rare move usually used only to break a potential tie, a former Senate President made a motion which abruptly stopped the meeting and the bill was not considered. This was a move no one expected! The bill may appear next week on the committee’s agenda, but it is not guaranteed. Business owners need to stay tuned on the gun bill because it is far from over at this point.

Looks like I'll be stopping by on a daily basis. Welcome to the blog world AIF.

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The best education idea yet

Marco Rubio is already impressing me. Vouchers for everybody? If this is the type of policy initiatives he has in store - conservative, broad, sweeping - then I can't wait.

Too bad Tom Lee will never, never, let this happen... not on Jim King's watch.

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March 08, 2006

Katherine Harris to drop out of the race for Senate?

It would pain my heart, but it would not surprise me. News from Hotline that Harris maybe quitting.

So the question now is - Foley or Bush?

UPDATE: Maybe not. Statement from the Harris camp is apparently coming soon.

UPDATE: Sarasota Herald Tribune - 

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris said she doesn't plan to drop out of the Senate race, a statement she made as rumors swirled Wednesday that she would end the campaign because of ties to a company involved in bribery scandal.

"I am out there. We are running hard. We think we have great momentum," Harris said in a telephone interview.

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Gay jokes are considered satire, not discrimination, at FLA Politics

Anybody who doesn't see the ironic humor of liberals attacking their own in this comment thred over at FLA Politics is politically tone deaf.

Everybody else, keep coming back. PEER Review is the blog for you.

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February 24, 2006

Tax day

I saw the story on Gallagher, and I'm interested. I saw the story on dems fundraising problems and I think it goes to my point made in these comments. And I particularly find the poll results of this Q poll to be interesting.

But, I have been working on taxes and I plan to finish it up today, so, no posting from me. You could always leave a comment with requests.

Mr. C

February 22, 2006

Jellyfish rights

Apparently they have some. This exchange was captured and posted at Soy Como Soy, one of my new regular florida reads.

This also had me laughing. LOL.

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February 21, 2006

Mike, democrats and the Ideological Void

Mr. C and I have have had a recent focus on the ideological void represented by the democrat party.  No real platforms, only complaints.  Today I discovered yet another example from my misguided friend Mike at Florida News.

In Mike's "Vision for Florida Democrats" he makes the following statement:

"Forget ideology. Embrace partisanship. Yes, I said it. Voting for me is simple. I simply look for the D's and vote accordingly..."

"I want a Democratic majority. Period. We get a Democratic majority and we get to set the agenda. We get to control the committees. That's power, and it's power in the hands of a party that I believe will do what's best for this state and this country..."

The concept boils down to this: democrats, don't think, don't question, just vote democrat.  We'll do the thinking for you later.

Now, I like Mike.  I like Mike because he is one of the few democrats I know that are willing to just come out and say that he is more concerned with having officials with a D next to their name in office than actually working for a platform he actually agrees with. 

I also like Mike because it is really easy to make him mad, which is always entertaining, but I digress.

With this strategy democrats will continue lose.  As 2004 demonstrated, values affect voting.  So while democrats continue to run from taking a stand on the issues, Republicans continue to demonstrate that our party is relevant to the causes of the individual, the family, and the community.

Mr. G

February 16, 2006

Everybody but Jim Davis Blog

After two months and approximately 40 updates the Jim Davis for Governor Blog has heard from an intern, a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual Outreach Director from the young democrats, Reggie the luggage guy (twice), pirate impersonator Dan Kelly, and of course online operations director Matt Thornton.

(Matt, by the way, has been getting sassy recently using language like asinine to describe a tax holiday. Was that approved by communications? Asinine? Really? Asinine to give people their money back? That's a policy discussion for another post. I digress.)

Are we ever going to hear from Jim Davis himself? It is his blog after all. Will there ever be any policy debate or just asinine labeling?

Jim Davis, speak to the people and give a shout out! Holla back.

Mr. C

If I could make a request, I would love to read Jim live blogging a babysitting gig so one of his biggest supporters can get a date night out at the local nudist restaurant. What will it take to make that happen?

UPDATE: Matt, this doesn't count.

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February 08, 2006

Props to O'Blog from Mr. G

O'BlogFunny, Funny Blog.

February 06, 2006

light posting

Family issues are trumping my blog as of late. I suspect they will continue to do so for the better part of this week. I'm trying to keep reading other blogs in the meantime. I see in the stats many of you are still visiting every day. I want you to know I appreciate it. Keep coming back, I'm not done blogging yet.

The floor is open to any conservatives who would like to submit or post their thoughts on anything. Email me your submission and I will get it up.

In the meantime, leave a comment if you like.

Mr. C

January 24, 2006

All I need to know about the opposition...

Is in this article and can be summed up with this quote from top strategist and Florida democratic Party Executive Director Luis Navarro,

Navarro told the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee not to forget that "we've got a score to settle" from the disputed 2000 presidential election, when Bush won Florida by 537 votes.

The GOP is six years ahead and the democrats are six years behind. I can't believe the D's make it this easy.

Have I ever mentioned?

I was once known as the Minister of Misery.

A little something extra for my regular readers.

January 23, 2006

Monday Debate

Over at Out in Left Field, Kate and I (and various anonymous readers) are discussing the proper use of budget surpluses. Come watch as I relieve her of her policy parasols and shine sunlight on the fallacies of the left.

January 17, 2006

under the weather

I am thinking of posts on Citrus Canker, a general legislative outlook, how the major issues could affect the upcoming elections, and another post on ID/creationist strategy for inclusion in curriculum. That's what I'm thinking about today and you should look for in the coming days.

Also, still waiting for a response from Sen. Ron Klein's office.

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January 12, 2006

Mr. C is away from his desk...

Until Monday. I will drop in from time to time for a comment or two, but I have some administrative work to do for the next couple days and I hate to work on the weekends.

Don't wreck the place while I'm gone.

Mr. C

OH, and while you're here, take note of the FL Blogs list down the left sidebar. I have added several new (to me) blogs in recent days. They aren't necessarily conservative, just Florida.

I plan to add more political races in the coming week. Send me your links if you are interested in a particular race and I will add it to the side. If you have suggestions or if you're conservative and would like to post something, send me a note.

January 06, 2006

Welcome to PEER Review FL!

This is the new site. Dramatically reduced in clutter and superfluous links. New color. More focus on the writing (including comments). Of course you can always expect changes and updates from PR, but we are going to try and keep it simple around here.

Florida Politics, Education, Entertainment, Religion... and other entertaining subjects. And Florida liberals can expect us - Mr. C, Mr. G, man in black and Blogger X - to come after you when you start spouting that crazy liberal jive turkey. If you would like to join us please feel free to email me.

This site is going to become a one stop shop for Florida conservatives. I will be adding a few links related to political campaigns and Florida blogs, but little else.

Welcome. Look around. Bookmark. Add me to your feed list. Read some old posts. Join us. If you are conservative, this is your site. Be heard.

Mr. C

December 19, 2005

Darwinism on trial

So, I posted this morning on Pat Buchanan's piece related to darwinism and marxism. The Bitch | Lab linked and had some commentary. I left my missive in the comments. It's under moderation now, but it will be up eventually. Go check it out and leave your thoughts, if you dare.

Mr. G, this is going to be right up your alley.

Where art thou?

Has anyone else noticed St. Petersblog is not receptive today? Did I miss news of a move?

St. Petersblog, if you are reading this and need a place to post, check PEER Review.

I pay, you play. (Hosting fees, not salary)

Mr. C

December 13, 2005

Readers, take note...

Of the newest contributor to PEER Review, Mr. G, from Truth or Death. His first post is Life and Science vs. The Culture of Death. Mr. G, let me introduce you to

Mr. H, Mr. S, Mr. M, and Blogger X.

Hmmm ... Where are the lady conservative bloggers? Don't be shy girls, step right up and submit something. There are changes afoot at PEER Review. Mr. G is the first addition along those lines. Note to conservative bloggers and readers - stick around until 2006 and see what we are working on.

Welcome Mr. G, and I personally look forward to your style and opinions. As always, PEER Review is accepting posts and submissions from aspiring conservative writers and wannabe bloggers, particularly from Florida or NC. More states later...

Mr. C

December 07, 2005

Post number 500

Oh what fun.  Welcome gentle reader. I think I have reached a blogging milestone. In just over 6 months I have managed 500 posts with 384 comments (385 if you count the one porn spam I deleted) and 20 trackbacks. Is it worth the big bucks I pay for the "professional" version with Typepad? Ask Blogger users.

This morning I read with interest A Great Wilting Promise from Monday's St. Pete Times, a brief detail of the problems facing blogger Peter Schorsch of Saint Petersblog. I won't say anything about Peter or his personal problems, but I do find it interesting the paper took the time to write a piece on him now that his life is falling apart. I pray that Peter will find a place in his heart to forgive himself before he begins remaking his life.

It lead me to think of my plans. Nearly a decade ago a series of medical problems stunted my professional development for nearly three years, but redefined my personal convictions and spiritual life. After digging out from the massive debt and educational setback I found my calling - politics.

On this blog in the past month or two I have seen my visit numbers drop as my posting decreased, and jump dramatically with my returns. What does it mean? I think it means you are interested in what I have to say.

Where do we go from here? I have ideas.

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December 06, 2005

Out in Left Field has something to say...

And I promised her I would post a link to her site.

Do you see how good conservatives keep their word?

Now go leave a nasty message on her site. Tell her Mr. C told you to do it... you can post anonymously.

Mr. C

December 05, 2005

New Digs

Over at one of my favorite college bloggers, Swamp Pundette (that would be favorite blogger in college, not the other way round). Very nice changes. Now, if she would only post a little more often we could all continue to live vicariously without interruption.

November 30, 2005

That's not a liveable wage! - part deux

My blog is worth $23,146.14.
How much is your blog worth?

but the value of PEER Review has jumped 200% in the last month. Impressive.yeah.

PEER Review FL is beginning to take shape

And it's looking good. Let us know if you have any suggestions. PEER Review will be happy to take submissions from FL authors.

Mr. C

Note to readers

Posting will resume this afternoon. In the meantime check out

John in Carolina
Don Surber
David Boyd
Out in Left Field
and The Original Gobbleblog

Also, Home School Buzz
Cigars and Theology
and my favorite article of the day so far, from the Opinion Journal. After reading it try to imagine yourself a GOP voter just after the 06 elections looking towards 08. Sanford is looking pretty good isn't he?

November 28, 2005


I want to give you a heads up that the next two weeks are tremendously busy for me and light posting will be the order of the month.

Also, many of my readers have mentioned they either skip the posts marked for another state or don't read anything if they don't see one marked with their state abbreviation before it. So, I am working on splitting PEER Review into seperate state sites so I can focus the original PEER Review on more essay style commentary from yours truly. With any luck PEER Review-FL will rival FLA Politics and PEER Review-NC will rival NC Rumors, but that will be a tall order to accomplish. Anybody interested in joining with me in a conservative group blog drop me a line. If I have more than three responses I'll set it up and you can all be posting within a couple days at one nifty new spot. I'll pay the hosting fees if you will supply the posts.

Normal posting will resume tonight, after 8pm. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

November 17, 2005

Canceling Live Bloggin M-F from 2-4pm thru December 2

Sorry folks, life is taking over. Too much to do to block off 2 hours a day right now. We may try this again later. Mr. C

Nov 17, 2005 UPDATE: Regular blogging wil proceed at the normal random times and responses until further notice. We will try and crank it up again at a later date, at a different time.

November 10, 2005

If you want to contribute

I will be putting together my own contract with America for a special cross post on Monday with FLA Politics. The premise is the GOP has lost sight of the original tenets of the Contract and the democrats are supposed to put one out next year. Either way, Mike and I want to talk about it now. So...

I will be posting 5 and I have some ideas in mind but if any of my more conservative, or Republican, readers would like to contribute an idea then pass it on.

November 09, 2005

Triangle Bloggers Bash

Alas, I can not commit,
but a good time will be spun
by all fair ladies and gents.
Join in the fun,
maybe Mr. H can represent
PEER Review?

What's the number for Cardinal Cab?

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FL: Rod Smith surprises some

Today, I was surprised to see a visitor coming to PEER Review from the Rod Smith for Governor site. But I see I have FLA Politics to thank for lending Rod Smith their blog roll, so here it is -

Thank You FLA Politics for bringing more democrats to PEER Review.

My regular liberal readers, of which there are many, may note that I used democrat and not liberal in my appreciation. I personally believe that Rod Smith is supported, or should be supported, by the conservative and moderate factions of the democrat party, or as I like to call them, future Republicans. They are tough on crime, for sound fiscal policy, support the death penalty, support the local farmer, and are of strong moral character.

I'll keep a track of the visits coming from the Rod Smith for Governor site. They are sure to outnumber the Scott Maddox for Governor visits, which were probably all underreported. tsk tsk.

One question for FLA Politics, does this mean you are implicitly endorsing Rod Smith for Governor or can I start expecting visits from the Jim Davis for Governor site too? Or maybe I should be asking Out in Left Field?

The names say it all doesn't it folks?

Mr. C

Has anybody noticed...

PEER Review is now a Flappy Bird in the TTLB Ecosystem. PEER Review is currently ranked 8285 out of God only knows how many blogs. If I could get another 11 links I would be an Adorable Little Rodent. I so want to be an Adorable Little Rodent.

Update: My wife has mentioned my affinity for a certain movie and when I do achieve my rodent status I would much rather be a ROUSS. Who knows how to change the code on the html to make it say what I want?

Will you help? Link to this post with whatever story you like currently residing on your blog, or someone elses if you know how to do that, and provide a trackback so that I can reciprocate the link to you.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, link to me anyway, I'll find out about it and link to your site too.

We might experiment with Google bombs tomorrow!

UPDATE: Apparently nobody has noticed. Oh, well. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and try something new.

Welcome back to live bloggin

You may notice the post below, from ManinBlack, who I will be calling Mr. M. he has his own blog he launched recently you can find on the sidebar under Florida blogs, 2sense, and will be posting regularly here on PEER Review on issues of national signifigance. Take a look, give him a read, say hi and welcome, and lets get on with the show.

November 08, 2005

Apologies to all, Typepad is experiencing technical difficulties

I have just regained access to my admin section. Typepad has been experiencing technical difficulties all day, and since I have decided to virtually ignore my blog until the afternoon, all was for naught by the time I was ready to post.

So, I have a plethora of articles and links, most of which are just as good tomorrow as they are today. Please feel free to email me about how you nearly passed out when you realized you wouldn't be able to read PEER Review today. Until tomorrow...

Mr. C

PS. I may post something later tonight, I just have other things to do right now. If you are desperate for my blog and you just can't wait, well, Thank You, but there's not much I can do right now.

November 07, 2005

Final Live post

But expect attention to be paid to comments sections this evening. So, feel free to comment on any post made today.

Big Thanks to Bob for the comments and responses and a nod of approval to the man in black, who contacted me during my "live" time and may be posting soon on PEER Review.

Also, let me, with this final post, call attention to one of my fav. lib's, out in left field. Her last two post brought back many fond memories and the part about clinique and oil of olay had me laughing because I'm married to a clinque woman. Hell, I use their soap. There really is nothing better. Damn expensive though.

I digress.

I enjoyed the process of live blogging today. I have already learned I need to have some posts prepared because too much time is lost searching and typing. I am surprised at how much I did manage to post, and disappointed the back and forth wasn't more "live." Any thoughts on how to speed up the feel or actual process? It was really like sending emails back and forth.

Well, tomorrow, same bat channel, same bat time...

Live blogging at 2

Reminder. PEER Review will go live at two. Topics to be determined at 2:01. See you then.

November 04, 2005

Search for "only too hot sexaual pictures for educational purposes"

You get PEER Review for 2 of 7 results. The real funny thing, when I hit my site tracker to follow the referral link it took me to Arabic Google, not English Google. So naturally I checked the location of the hit. You'll never guess.

IRAN! Can you believe it? I wonder if it was a martyr on his way out? Even if it wasn't the poor sap will probably be dead before nightfall for searching for porn on the internet. They track that stuff you know. Learned how to do it from China. That's why he put in "for educational purposes," it throws off the prosecutor...

I swear to almighty allah it was for research. I promise, allah be great, I was only reading the articles. I'm writing a paper. I got a flat. I lost my bus ticket. The dog ate my home work. PLEASE don't kill me! allah akbar, allah akbar, allah akbar!

(Anybody remember the Blues Brothers scene in the tunnel with Carrie fisher manning an M-16?)

All the guy wants is a picture of a pretty girl who's "only too hot." he'll be dead soon because he's horny. You know, in America, where people are free, and Islam doesn't rule the world, guys can do that sort of thing without being killed.

(You guys think I've got enough hot words in here for more random google searches?)

November 03, 2005

4:20 Post - Schedule change

I want to try an experiment for a while and see how things work, if you will permit me.

Starting next week I will be posting from 2-4pm (maybe 4:30) only. I will be liveblogging for that time period, searching for current breaking news, commenting on news from the morning, and mention whatever is breaking on the radio during that time frame. Some days I may run long, but generally I won't start posting until 2 pm. I hope to try this for about a month before I change anything again.

I think this will do two things 1) let my regular readers know when to check for new information, 2) allow me to interact with my readers in real time. Hopefully both of these things will increase traffic overall since visits to the site during the other 22 hours of the day probably won't change much.

Anyway, well give it a go and see what happens. I'm still learning this blog thing and if an established blogger like FL politics can change his gig (FLA  Politics) then I think I can change more than the colors each month. There are lots of great sites in Florida, with lots of great writing (although, obviously, I think highly of myself) and I want to try and stand out a little for something other than my conservative, and correct, positions. ;-)

I guess the liberals could see it as an opportunity to come and hone their arguments by challenging me on a daily basis. That might actually be interesting. Maybe Derek will stop by? You can always post anonymously.

Be sure to come by.

November 02, 2005

Political Arithmetik

Where numbers and politics meet.

An interesting site from a poli sci professor at University of Wisconsin. Anyone who likes, numbers, graphs, trends will love this site.

Welcome Back Sayfie Review

He's Back! Sayfie Review was down but not out. Go find out what's happenening today.

October 27, 2005

That's not a liveable wage!

My blog is worth $6,209.94.
How much is your blog worth?

October 18, 2005

After all this time

Now I find a conservative blogger in my hometown!

The site, and brains too, is a female perspective of GOP politics and such. Plus, she's a lawyer.

I would welcome her, but she came to this party before I. Drinks anyone?

Mr. C

October 17, 2005

NC: N&O Editor Melanie Sill still offering opinions and not backing them up

They say bad news is good advertising. I just bet the N&O is loving the attention Editor Melanie Sill is getting them.

Check out the comments. Let's hope Melanie responds.

October 13, 2005

In the papers

Good quote. Good job to Mr. H for your inclusion in the Tuesday election roundups at the N&O. Keep up the good work and keep posting, people are listening reading.

Mr. C

October 11, 2005

May I suggest...

O'blog for new reading. His recent posts have been diverse and interesting and I want to call attention to this not so new entrant into the Florida Blog world. Hello and Welcome!

October 04, 2005

Political Teen

Go to Political Teen for increased traffic and trackback opportunities.

October 03, 2005

Why I blog

You thought you were getting my novela? So sorry.

Via Club for Growth blog, this succinct explanation of why writers, and by extension bloggers, do what they do.

One sticking point. I'm not trying to figure out what I think. I know that already. I want you to think this way too.

Also, if you have never heard of Club for Growth, or you are a conservative not affiliated with them yet, I suggest you learn about them soon and give them money in the next election cycle.

Mr. C

September 30, 2005

FL: Out in Left Field is stepping up to the plate

I'm not sure if this is what you call bandwith piracy, but go read this opinion piece by Kate from Out in Left Field, one of my favorite FL blogs. And not my favorite because we agree on hardly anything.

Only when we begin holding parents accountable will we see a world of difference - in our students, our schools and our society.

Pigs must be flying somewhere. She probably thinks its freezing at my house.

Mr. C

September 26, 2005

NC: Stick with it Chairman

Word in the NC 'sphere is The Chairman's Corner blog from Guilford County GOP Chairman Marcus Kindley is going to shut down. He is tired of insipid and invective comment posting. (HT David Boyd) That's life in the blogosphere.

Take your own quote,

I believed then, and I believe now, that people who will not surrender their principles to assure their popularity can get things done," Jesse Helms

to heart and stick with it.

If you are blogging with the hopes liberals will respect you and your opinions, you are doomed to fail. If you are blogging to provide a much needed conservative voice in the G'boro blog community, you are already wildly sucessful. Stick with it Chairman. Give us something to read.

September 19, 2005

Speaking of disappointment

This is yet another reason more and more people just don't like liberals. Disagree with Jeb's policies, disagree with his politics, h-e-double hockey sticks, you don't even have to like him. But his children, his family (wife and kids) should be completely off limits.

I mean really, what did the kid do? He got drunk at college and his bravado got too big for his britches. I'm not going to apologize for him, but who didn't get drunk in college? Do you need to make a political statement about it? It looks to me like he's a grown man and his daddy isn't going to protect him anymore, something every man needs to learn at some point in his life.

Liberals shouldn't take advantage of the very public stage on which Jeb lives to exploit family missteps. I don't seem to recall Fl Politics recounting the multiple speeding tickets, drug possession and DUI's of the Gore family legacy (or the Clinton sobriety challenge as seen here). How about some of that?

No, I didn't think so.

September 16, 2005

Week in Review

This has been a busy week for all, highlighted by my wife's birthday and low pointed by the death of a good friend. Mr. C and family will be traveling today to attend the funeral and will likely not post again until Monday.

I apologize in advance for the stories I am sure to miss, so in case you missed what I said  this week, here's a recap, with some other blogs mentioned too.

If you are looking for responses on the President's speech last night, then read La Shawn Barber. Like me, she didn't watch it either, but since she already did the work of finding links to people who did, then I will subcontract the work to her. (Excellent lesson here for liberals - Don't reinvent the wheel when a perfectly good wheel already exists).

Today, I won't comment about any of the stories in particular, but check out Fl Politics today. Admittedly, he's liberal, and we disagree practically all the time, but FP seems awfully negative today. More so than usual. Be sure to drop by and ask him to lighten up and make sure everything is ok. ;-)

Well, there is that bit of advice from liberal strategist Derek Newton that I mentioned here.

My favorite story this week was on NOLA democrat congressman William Jefferson (who is currently under investigation by the FBI) sequestering national guard resources in the early days of the disaster to get into his house and remove a computer, a suitcase and a refrigerator sized box of something that is yet to be determined.

You will notice I did not mention or link to anything related to the John Roberts nomination. No point. He will be confirmed and the big fight is still to come. You may remember I told you this some time ago. You will get more from me when the big fight starts.

Mike Thomas from the Orlando Sentinel wrote a post this week that got some attention in the blogoshpere. These were my thoughts. Since, he was clearly writing his piece to get a response (and generate ad revenue), and I know the OS is tracking mentions of Mike Thomas and that piece in particular, then I will take advantage of it and post this blurb mentioning Mike Thomas as much as possible because Mike Thomas readers have been visiting PEER Review this week from the link the Orlando Sentinel put up on their site with blogs mentioning Mike Thomas and the Orlando Sentinel.

Get the message?

Here's another message that needs to start circulating.

I can't tell you enough how big of a boondoggle of an idea Florida's Pre-K program was, is and will continue to be. But this is the latest installment. I have yet to hear of, or find a county, or a coalition at full enrollment. Most aren't even at half. Does that justify full funding for another year? But I won't just complain, at some point soon I hope to post some recommendations that don't include the words "cut it."

Speaking of boondoggles, here's NC's Commission on Climate Change. One commission is as good as another right? What about self appointed commissions like in Florida?

Public service announcements for this week -
Duct tape wallet.
Call list with actual people answering the phone.

Did I tell you I am thinking of taking this show on the road? Duval County is the new Miami-Dade. Does anybody notice how they never seem to get hit directly with hurricanes? When was the last one? Maybe Infomaniac can help me with that. In the meantime, she also has links to Roberts confirmation and the events of the week.

And I want to finish with a request. If you read my site regularly, tell a friend. If you are a College Repub tell your friend, if you are attending the County GOP meeting this month, mention PEER Review at the meeting.

You know you read PEER Review, Sayfie Review (FL), NC Rumors (NC), Truth or Death (FL) and the Locker Room (NC) so where else are you getting your conservative news and views from? Just think, your friends probably don't have a lot of choices either. So, tell them about me and expand their world a little.

If you want it reviewed, send it to PEER Review. And next week, I promise more entertainment links.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Mr. C

September 12, 2005

Ye doth protest too much

Mike Thomas in yesterday's Orlando Sentinel proclaiming,

There are millions of bloggers out there, typing away on their keyboards, living for that glorious day of recognition when someone finally comments on their blogs.

You can blog, too. For the uninformed, a blog is any thought posted on a Web site that is not good enough to be printed in a newspaper.

Then, he starts one. (Via Fl Politics)

I have to say, I don't see a lot of top notch reporting these days from MSM. Any word on where journalist can go to start a newspaper?

Mr. C

September 06, 2005

Welcome LSB Readers!

Welcome visitors from La Shawn Barber's Corner, and of course, my regular visitors.

As you look around I encourage you to read PEER must reads and try to read some archived works. I have a tendency to post way too much, too much even for regular guest to read it all. Besides myself, Mr. C, there are occasional submissions from writers at state think tanks The James Madison Institute and John Locke Foundation, and posts by Blogger X, Mr. S and Mr. H who have joined with me in an effort to affect change. Look for their posts.

My aim has always been to review policy and strategy using professional talents and political intuition of contributing writers and myself. In the past couple weeks posting has become combative with the locals and highly contentious. I have a nagging feeling I am no longer saying the things I want to say. So, starting today I will be returning to more strategy and less assualt, in the future only using inane liberal blogs as example of insanity and lunacy, not a reason to post.

Yes, it's fun to fight with liberals. Yes, it's fun to blind lies and innacuracies with truth, honesty and facts. Yes, it's fun to be right, so often. But the challenge is not in defying and defeating liberals on the web. That's easy and it distracts me, and many bloggers, from the real purpose - informing readers, reaching policy makers, crafting positions, establishing fact and persuading officials to make the right decisions.

The top ten blogs in the TTLB ecosystem (base on traffic) are the following:
1) Daily Kos: State of the Nation 580069 visits/day (5)
2) Gizmodo: The Gadgets Weblog 230286 visits/day (89)
3) Instapundit.com 138604 visits/day (1)
4) Gawker 136833 visits/day (162)
5) Eschaton 126234 visits/day (12)
6) Defamer, the L.A. Gossip Rag 117552 visits/day (317)
7) lgf: active anguish in a context of flux 97539 visits/day (6)
8) Go Fug Yourself 95870 visits/day (240)
9) Michelle Malkin 88491 visits/day (2)
10) Wonkette, Politics for People with Dirty Minds 68667 visits/day (45)

Only three, at most, of those blogs can be considered conservative, and they don't add up to DKos alone. I don't suggest we are losing, only, when we focus our efforts on combating left wings blogs we lose sight of the goal, affecting policy and steering the course of this great country in a true direction. WE have a great many readers yet to reach. We have a great many policy makers yet to convince.

There are plenty of blogs who will fight liberals on a daily basis. Plenty of blogs who are fighting MSM and performing citizen journalism. This is not one of them.

PEER Review works on the assumption that liberals are wrong almost all the time, the MSM is slanted almost all the time and policy makers do read blogs, do want information, do want to make arguments against co-workers and interest groups trying to push them in an unnatural direction. PEER Review aims to translate movements of politicians for average readers, reveal strategy to show you direction, and craft arguments from opinion. Sometimes conservatives make wrong decisions and they need to know it, but mostly, we want to be here to help.

Come with me, Monday thru Friday, to take "the road less traveled." Join with me and make the trip a caravan. Together, we can affect policy because right policies, right arguments and good people can make a difference.

Thank you for visiting.

Mr. C

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September 01, 2005

3 months and counting

Today, PEER Review has been online for three months.

Presently over 300 links to other blogs and websites can be found on PEER Review, of which I visit at least a third everyday and probably 90% of each week. Approximately 275 posts have been published in the past 90 days by 4 different contributors.

After growing nearly 250% in it's second month PEER Review grew in visits another 30+% in it's third month. Visitors now come primarily from Florida, North Carolina, New York, and the DC metro area with regular and growing numbers of readers in Georgia, Texas, California and the Midwest. Of the millions of blogs out there PEER Review is now consistently ranking in the top 10,000 and growing consistently.

PEER Review has quietly become "the" conservative blog of record for Florida journalist, politicians and policy makers - and influence is growing slowly and quietly in North Carolina.

We thank you for your visits, your time, your comments and your support. Without you, PEER Review would just be another website on the web. Without you, PEER Review wouldn't have the impact we know we have. Keep reading, keep commenting, keep spreading the word and we will keep informing, analysing and commenting on the foibles of our local, state and national policy makers.

When you want to know, get it reviewed.

Mr. C

NC: New blog

New Charlotte, NC blog, the Meck Deck. Go see.

You probably missed it...

I totally flaked a blog round up of missed articles in PEER Review and around FL and NC today. Lost the entire post. I can't blow another 20 minutes on it so here are some quick and dirty links -

NC politicians sign bill into law that didn't pass Senate. Moonbats. Thoughts on Gallagher/Crist and Harris/Nelson from recent Q poll. Florida Professor thinks tax dollars should not be spent to rebuild New Orleans. Blame global warming? Chickenhawks. Refuting democratic talking points. Tears and anger. The sabbath. Freepers hate Harris? No global support... RFK, Jr. needs a friend. Church "support." Looney Cindy. Top ten rejected new rides at Universal Studios Orlando. Tallahassee lends a hand.

I have more I want to talk about today, but this should keep you busy reading at least through lunch.

Mr. C

August 31, 2005

3108 day 2005

3108 This! My five - I selected five at random on the map and scanned the posts. Here's what I saw.

It's a blog -  photoliscious!
Wayward puppy - there's a post about the old computer educational game the Oregon Trail. Anyone remember that?
Ramblings - Blog of Robin Scanlon in Hawaii, Island style.
Estruendomudo - everything is in spanish and I only know "Que?" It looks interesting though.
Esoteric Rabbit Films - a production blog... mostly. Lately he has been posting about politics and his fascination and support of socialism. Easily the most interesting read becuase it is the mind of a young socialist in print without all the rhetoric and ad hominem that invades other political blogs. Either no one challenges him, or no one reads him. I bet it's the former.

August 30, 2005

Tuesday Ten

You thought I forgot? No, no, no.

This week's Tuesday Ten from PEER Review,

10 Ways to Set Priorities.

My favorite, # 4. Realize you can't do everything. Please see the PEER Review classified ad.

August 23, 2005

Tuesday Ten

This week from the PEER Review Tuesday Ten,

Ten ways to improve your web experience.

Ten Reasons to switch to Firefox. My favorite, #1 - Tabbed browsing.

My current homepage has 15 tabs.


Ten Reasons to try Firefox. My favorite, #10 - The US Department of Homeland Security recommends that Internet Explorer users "use a different web browser".

PEER Review accepts IE... for now.

August 19, 2005

Tell your friends...

Do you like what you read here? Send an email to your friends and tell them,

"Hey, check out this blog. This guy is (fill in the blank)!"

And to all my contributors, supporters and antagonists out there, Thanks for keeping me up late at night and driving my wife crazy with way too much politics and policy for one person to endure. It's good that she loves me.

Mr. C

August 18, 2005

4:20 Post - Clareified

Clareified is a liberal NY blog from Dawn Summers who is something of a blog celebrity up there. It has been particularly entertaining lately and I submit it for your review to end the work day.

Start at the top and move down. I chuckled all the way through her trip to the dentist. Who hasn't felt that way?

August 12, 2005

still on the road, thinking of you always

Mr. C here. I wanted to check in with PEER Review visitors to let them know I am thinking about them. I promised my wife I wouldn't look at the blog for at least a week. It's been a good 8 or 9 days now.

I hope you enjoyed the limited posts this week. I had hoped to inspire thought and conversation with a limited number of posting during my week away.

Speaking of posts, I hope to have another contributor, Mr. H, occasionally posting here on PEER Review. He says, "I was going to start a blog, and then I started reading PEER Review. Now I don't need to." I have extended an offer to him to post his thoughts whenever they strike him appropriate.

Mr. H is from the triangle region (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) in NC and is a quite a vocal conservative. Expect unabashed commentary and perspective from Mr. H. And a hearty welcome from Mr. C.

During my tour here in NC I have kept abreast of topical Florida news through "Around the South" features in the papers here. This is a great idea and expect to see an attempt of "Southern News" on PEER Review in the future.

I see future FL Senator Katherine Harris is receiving support from the RPOF. Blogger X is likely correct in the assertion that all potential (unknown) primary challengers have decided against running. Is this a sign of the changing power structure to come in Florida? Yes. I won't elaborate on this now, but I expect to discuss this with Blogger X in the months to come.

In the news this week I saw a rapist on the loose in FL. I couldn't believe it. It's like the weather or the beaches attract sexual predators to Florida. I love Florida's pro family and pro business environment, the low taxes and improving schools, but which feature of the Florida Criminal Justice system attracts, or encourages, sexaual predators that act on their perverse proclivities in Florida? There is an answer to sexual predation, and it's not treatment.

The Seminole nation was misrepresented to the NCAA regarding it's opposition to the use of it's name in college athletics. For the record, FSU President TK Weatherall, "fight on brother."

I saw on TV that Hialeah (sp?), FL is the 4th most conservative city in the United States.

In NC the legislature still has not returned a budget, now almost 6 weeks after the beginning of the fiscal year. I think it's time for some new representation. Unfortunately, there aren't many qualified candidates stepping up to fill the slots.

Tropical Storm Irene is almost a Hurricane and although the projected track has Irene turning back to sea, it will make for a nervous weekend here in the tarheel state.

And for those of you keeping track of my activities, we caught 4 small king mackerals in the tournament last saturday. Not good enough to place in the money, but they made for some great steaks on Wed night. I am hoping to visit the Shrimp Festival in Sneads Ferry this weekend. Travel home on Sunday.

Have a great weekend. Be back at full strength soon.

Mr. C

August 03, 2005

Mr. C is out of town

Hello folks. Mr. C here. I wanted to let you know I will be on the road for the next ten days visiting friends and family between Tallahassee, FL and Raleigh, NC. My plans include a King Mackerel Tourney, business meetings and family get togethers with in-laws.

Don't worry about the posting, I have plenty planned for you over the next week or so. Expect post's from Blogger X, Mr. S and another new contributor on a whole range of current issues. Be looking for an analysis of the FL CFO race soon and we should expect some commentary about Florida's next Senator, Katherine Harris next week. Yeah I said it.

But that's not all, look for essays submitted from various other writers and plenty to think about over the weekend.

I expect to check back in next Tuesday and see how things are going. I will try to post in a limited manner later next week.

New Contributor

I am extremely proud and excited to announce the newest PEER Reviewer.  I will call him Blogger J for now. Be sure to check out his first post on PEER Review Intelligent Design, but surely not his last. He slipped it in last night when I wasn't looking. If he tells me it's ok, then I will tell you more about him in a future post.

Update: The newest contributor to PEER Review is Jon Sanders, Mr. S, a close personal friend and extremely talented writer. Mr. S is an expert on Higher Education issues and has an eye for liberal hypocrisy. He is well educated, receiving a Masters in Economics with a minor in statistics and a BA in English literature and language-  both from my alma mater, NC State University.

He has served as an adjunct instructor of Economics at NCSU, is currently a policy analyst at the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, and fellow alumni of the John Locke Foundation. His articles and essays have appeared in the The Wall Street Journal, National Review, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Freeman, the Philadelphia Inquirer and many other state and local publications across North Carolina and the Southeast.

And let me tell you, Mr. S has heavy writing and posting requirements in his primary job so we won't expect him to post something everyday. For now, let's enjoy what we've got and hope there is more on the way. Welcome to the blog Mr. S!

Oh, and did you notice it? The writing should give it away... education. He's got it (See update above). Smart people are so cool. Enjoy.

Mr. C

PS - If you missed it, check my 4:20 post from yesterday.

August 02, 2005

4:20 post - PEER Review growth and future

This is a big woot to all the new readers who made PEER Review nearly 3x larger this month than last month. I am confuzzled by the admiration and praise. Thank you. We are growing and it is due to you, your email, and your word of mouth. May you all have great schwack in everything you do. Thank you again.

In other news, PEER Review now has 4 contributing bloggers. You know me, Mr. C, and Blogger X. In the coming days and weeks you will be introduced to two excellent and talented writers and thinkers. When they post say hello and tell them what you think, if anything. (On a side note - I have noticed my readers don't leave a lot of comments. Is it because you tacitly agree with everything we say?)

Fellow Florida Bloggers, let this be the first proposal for a Carnival of Florida Bloggers - The Sunshine State Standard. If we have enough interest I propose we post every two weeks. Talk amongst yourselves and if the collective answer is yes then we can figure out the details.

Mr. C

Justin Sayfie Gets Due Recognition

Justin Sayfie, editor and publisher of The Sayfie Review (www.sayfiereview.com) and founding shareholder of the Blosser and Sayfie law firm in Ft. Lauderdale was featured in this months “Movers and Shakers” section of Campaigns and Elections Magazine (subscription required).

In the interview Justin shares some secrets for success:

 “1. Acknowledge and respect the power of freedom and love. 2. Follow the habits of highly effective people as identified by Stephen Covey: Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, first things first, seek first to understand then to be understood, think win-win. 3. Have a well-developed sense of humor so you can laugh often at things, events and people, myself included, that deserve a laugh.”

 Some of Justin’s predictions:

 Ultimately, the Internet will fundamentally change the ‘business model’ of political campaigns as well as the news media’s coverage of the campaigns.

 I think almost everyone reading this will agree that this is a great answer to “what would you do if you were President for a day?”:

 Just for fun, let the barbarians into the gates so they can run the kingdom: give bloggers complete operational control of the mainstream news media for a day.

 Congratulations, Justin, on being recognized. I appreciate and enjoy your site daily.

Justin, You've proven once again that you have some serious Schwack!

 Blogger X

Tarheel Tavern

The Carnival of NC bloggers called The Tarheel Tavern #23 is up at Snort a Sprocket. Lots to read.

New color scheme

You may notice PEER Review changed colors. Mr. C thinks this scheme is easier to read yet still retains the beloved red. What do you think? Well, nevermind. This is the new color. Maybe it will change again next month?

The best part of PEER is the opinion and strategy anyway, not the color. Continue to enjoy.

August 01, 2005

What will Swamp Pundette have to say..

About this study? UF's Greek life in need of overhaul. A 33-page report details the shortfalls of sororities and fraternities at UF.

Overall, the 33-page report explains that UF fraternities and sororities aren't held accountable for their actions and that the university hasn't put adequate resources into building strong fraternity and sorority programs.

I will reserve judgement for now.

Mr. C

July 27, 2005

Lessons for Democrats & Bug-me-not!

These are three "wake up!" articles for Democrats. Pass them on and enjoy.

On the SCOTUS nomination from Mark Steyn of the Chicago Sun Times, Dems Had Their Chance to Pick Justice

On N. Korea from Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times Op Ed, Where the Right is Right

On Recycling and the Environment from Tim Worstall at Tech Central Station, Harry Potter and the Half-Wit Prigs

And if you have problems registering to read any of these articles, now might be a good time to load Firefox and learn about Bug-me-not!

Unbreakable sports records, infallable economics truths and top blogs for newbies

I am thinking of calling this the Tuesday Ten and trying to fill each it each week with interesting lists. Would you be interested in that?

Purely for killing some time, here are three lists you may find interesting.

From AskMen.com, ten unbreakable sports records.
From the Ludwig von Mises Institute, ten recurring economic fallacies.
From Forbes.com, ten (+ one) political blogs

Somehow, I didn't see a reference to Mr. C or PEER Review in any of those lists. I wonder how I was overlooked when I was such an obvious choice?

'Good' discrimination

A few days old, but it needed to be said. For those of your unfamiliar with La Shawn Barber, she is a black woman who says what's on her mind... which, come to think of it, is kind of like every woman I ever met, black, white, hispanic, asian...

Anyway, she's great. check it out.

And another woman not afraid to speak her mind, Out in Left Field, a new blog from a liberal Tampa area school teacher. Welcome to the club!

July 26, 2005

PEER Review leading the news

Yesterday Blogger X revealed on PEER Review the news of Dean Cannon, R-Orlando, securing the House speakership for the 2010-2012 session. Read it today in MSM here and here.

And following my advice from Friday,

Oh, and a reminder that the sales tax holiday for purchasing back to school supplies begins Saturday and lasts for ten days. Go crazy at Target this weekend.

it appears some of you were listening,

''I have spent at least $150 on shoes alone,'' said [Yolanda] Bedford, shopping at the Target on Pines Boulevard. ``You have to get regular black shoes, PE shoes, tennis shoes. It adds on.''

She estimated she would end up spending close to $300.

Target GM, you can send my referral associate earnings directly to my home address. Email me for details.

July 23, 2005

Weekend Reading

A few articles for the weekend that you might have missed during the week.

From Guest Contributor J. Robert McClure, President of the James Madison Institute - Property Rights are Basic to Liberty

Katherine Harris, Citrus Canker and other news

Illegal aliens getting drivers licenses in NC

PEER Review gets mentioned in Slate Magazine as a liberal blog!

Mr. C is compared to Karl Rove by Florida Dem's.

In case you missed it, FL Dem Strategy for '06

And my response to liberal barbs from almost two weeks ago... still worth reading.

Oh, and a reminder that the sales tax holiday for purchasing back to school supplies begins Saturday and lasts for ten days. Go crazy at Target this weekend.

Have a great weekend everybody! Mr. C

July 19, 2005

Slate Magazine visits, and references, PEER Review - Who Knew?

PEER Review was mentioned in Slate Magazine's blog roundup on July 14. No link though... is that strange? or par for the course? I didn't think Slate would link to conservative sites. I wouldn't know since I never read it. Here's what they said,

Liberals have mixed feelings about Gonzales: Peer Review's Blogger X says, "Democrats are very smart to publicly endorse a Gonzales nomination … Nominating Gonzales would be the worst thing Bush could do going into the midterm elections."

Maybe they think PEER Review is liberal. I don't know where they would get that idea considering this, and this, and this, and this, and... well you get the point. Blogger X must've really threw 'em a curve ball... or was it a knuckleball?

Anyway, congrats Blogger X on the mention.
Mr. C

July 18, 2005

I am Karl Rove

No, seriously, I was compared to Karl Rove this morning. Here's the full comment,

Peter Schorsch said...                And I can't believe anyone is seriously considering taking election advice from a Republican.

Right, that was just like when Rove was egging us on to take Dean, because he really wanted Kerry, but he wanted us to think he wanted Dean, but he wanted...

Thanks Peter. I have only been blogging 6 weeks and already I get compared to Karl Rove. Some would ask, "What took so long?" Hehe. My friend, verily I say unto you, genius takes time to recognize.

Mr. C "the Reviewer"

Did anything happen over the weekend?

Thumb_penguin_slapNo, not really. So here are a few links to consider. (Click on the penguin picture, sometimes a pat on the back isn't all it's worth!)

First, FL News made my post on Fl Dems in 06 a "Must-Read Post" and a lively discussion in the comments section ensued. I guess if they aren't going to discuss it on my site at least someone is talking about me somewhere. Wait, the phone is ringing. It might be the GOP HQ so let me go...

Nope, it wasn't GOP. So, here are some other post from the weekend and today.

If you read the aformentioned post then this news regarding Citrus Canker will only help drive home my point.

No difference at this point in the race for governor. [Florida Politics]

This post draws a link between terrorist suicide bombers and the American gay population by trying an, "analogy between Europe's unassimilated young Sunni Muslims and America's unassimilated young gays." Read it for yourself at A Stitch in Haste.

More on the debate between Darwinian evolution and Intelligent Design from TCS.

And if you are into Hasidic [Jewish] Reggae then this is your guy. This really is amazing. [Caution, video starts up.]

And finally, some of you may have noticed - or not - the new list of links titled "BlogRoll" along the left sidebar. I decided to experiment with Blogrolling and my first list of links are all New York links. It is one of my secret pastimes. New Yorkers are fascinating and entertaining, enlightened and repressive, people of the world but firmly ensconced and tied down by the city. I simply love to read all the various blogs and websites that the city has to offer. I am thinking of doing a sort of review of all the NY blogs I read, but not today. If you are interested start reading at the top and work your way down. If you find something a little too racy then remember, I left out all the really raunchy sites, it's just not my style. You should get a little bit of everything, and some that you didn't plan on. And Hat Tip to Alarming News who I frequent and is one of the best NY conservative blogs... and who I stole most of my links from, because she already did most of the work.

July 15, 2005

No posts this weekend

The Croom family will be traveling this weekend, post will resume on Monday. Maybe Sunday night if your lucky.

Mr. C

July 13, 2005

Shameless plug for Firefox

System_1Firefox is better. Period. I notice from my stats that 88% of my visitors are using Internet Explorer of some variety. If this means you (are reading this through an IE window?), then go over to one of the various links on this site for Firefox and click on it. It's for your own good.

Other Blogs of interest and a very cool DJ device

Some quick links. If you like DJ's and mixed music and clubs and such, this is very cool, in a Moby kind of way.

Found this NC Blog, Cynical Nation, and I like his thinking.

And three Florida Blogs which I read and have failed to mention over time:

The new to me Saint Petersblog.
The middle of the road Political Insider from the Herald Tribune.
And the well known Infomaniac, posting on Florida news from her home in North Carolina.

July 12, 2005

Snake Killer

Dscf00311For those of you requesting more info about me, here's a good example of the sort of thing that could happen with me on the weekend. A couple of weeks ago my dogs found this snake in an oak tree and I tried to get to it before they tore it up, but as you can see they got the tail off before I could get the snake to safety. At least I didn't intentionaly kill him like PETA would. And the dogs are fine.

Dennis has me seriously off schedule, and with Emily on the way I am not excited about repeating the rain and wind. The problems only get worse the more it rains.

I do want to direct your attention to a post from this weekend, "I probably shouldn't do this," because I have been receiving positive feedback and I don't think it is getting enough airtime. Give it a look and leave a comment. Both SOS and Florida Politics have promised responses.

I have been promising a post on Charles Bronson and the Agriculture Commissioners race. I think it is starting to take on mythic proportions and may be a bit of a let down when you read what I have to say. We'll see. I know the Bronson camp is ready to announce their intentions to seek reelection and I was sort of waiting for that, but with Dennis just passed and Emily on the way I am guessing Commissioner Bronson is a busy guy right now. It would be hard to get any spotlight or media attention without looking like he was taking advantage of the disaster situation. And if anyone over there at the Bronson for Commish campaign is thinking of announcing his reelection in front of a wrecked out beach house, please don't. My bit of advice would be to just announce it, do it subtly and get on with it and it will be emblematic of the way the Commissioner operates. Then the campaign team can get on with campaigning and the Commissioner can get on with his job.

Please be sure to read the Katherine Harris piece below from one of our newest guest contributors. I tend to agree with his logic and I think it is an excellent bit of writing.

And in case anybody missed the Help Wanted ad previously, feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in posting. I would really love to have someone willing to post regularly on Religion and/or Entertainment. Maybe you know a young conservative, excellent writer, more interested in publishing than getting paid? Send them a link to PEER Review or send them my email.

And for at least one interesting link check this out. It takes the Google news aggregator and turns the info into a map of relative story importance. It's a little jumbled at first, but you get used to it.

Oh, and for my family interested in a few photos around the house after the Dennis passed then check out the photo gallery. The link is found on the right sidebar above my photo.

Have great night.
Mr. C

July 09, 2005

New look, Hurricane Dennis getting stronger

Straight from the NOAA 7PM 8pm report- 

And, I think the new look is self
explanatory. More post tomorrow if I
have power in the morning.

Mr. C

June 29, 2005

Wolfpack Baller, economy, more harris bashing, new link, Religion, and wrestling

Challenge Day 4

Congrats to Wolfpack baller Julius Hodge, 20th pick to the Denver Nuggets in last night's NBA Draft.

I missed the speech last night, and I am sure you have already read all about, but if you haven't here's a roundup of coverage in the major media provided by Outdside the Beltway.

US Economy still improving. Thank the Bush Tax Cuts. More would be better.

Looking for more reasons to doubt Katherine Harris? Then carry your liberal backside over to this post - NEW QUINNIPIAC POLL CONFIRMS NELSON LEAD OVER HARRIS IN HEAD TO HEAD SENATE BATTLE - at I4Jamming

White Trash Wednesday at Pirates Cove. It's not as bad as it sounds.

Are testing agencies in it for the buck or for the educational improvement of the children? Go from that to the difference between parents and teachers expectations for children and some historical links to educational expectations of children by the institution.

Level 4 Morality, Idealism and Individualism at the Partial Observer.

Presidents and Religion through SOS.

Staying with religion and seguing to the Supreme Court is this interesting post about the Ten Commandments and the Beatitutdes. I definitely see his point. However, I think the foundations of law and society are based on old school rules. The foundations of morality and relationships, love and forgiveness, are based on new school teachings. Think of it this way,

  • Old school rules are for the group, the impersonal
  • New school rules are for the individual, the personal

God doesn't care about the group, he cares about you personally. At least I think so anyway.

SCOTUS and China? Read this opinion on the Kelo decision from Matt Warner of the James Madison Institute in today's Democrat. My favorite part -

Totalitarian governments with a socialist bent are experts when it comes to trampling on individual rights in the name of benefiting the masses.

How easy would it be to replace Totalitarian governments with the Democratic Party and nobody would even notice? 

From SCOTUS Blog, Will there be a resignation?

And finally, Did you know Hulk Hogan lived in Florida? Did you know he has a TV show?

June 21, 2005

News before it's News

Not everyone pays attention to news before it's news, so here's a primer on the upcoming Supreme Court battle from RCP.

OR the election after next, like Patrick Ruffini's 2008 Presidential Wire or, the Future Losers News Wire as like to call it.

And hardly anybody I know stay's up to date on what's happening in space, the actual outer space, but there is some cool stuff going on appropriately named Deep Impact. I think it's apparent NASA has cleared out the old stuffy heads and replaced them with a more appropriate group. This sounds like a job for Harry and AJ now.

An excellent speech, "Why limited government?," by Lawrence Reed.

You thought the FCAT was bad? Well, I didn't but I know I have a lot of liberal readers who do. Check these two links out on testing in North Carolina and New York then tell me which you would prefer, ours or theirs?

And this on a "different" kind of charter school coming soon to St. Lucie County, Florida. Sounds like fun, or another way for liberal educators to tweek their 10-year-old brainwashing skills.

Finally, in the "ya think?" file from the Democrat.

This should get you through lunch, but more later. I will now seek out illuminating liberal commentary to shut the door on. Have a great morning!

Mr. C

June 20, 2005

Biden challenges, Killer Bees & Free Katie

I just saw this and I missed it over the weekend so I wanted to get a link up for all interested parties. Biden to Seek Presidential Nomination.

And this graph of Democrat decline in the Senate is more than a week old now, but still delightful.

Visit Truth or Death, I noticed he posted on the Presb. Church resolution last Thursday, Prop 65 and cancer causing chalupas on Friday (I hit this on Thursday), marriage, the courts, and the failure of the above mentioned Presb. Church resolution this weekend. Today he posted on abortion. Did you see my theory flying out the window?

Aren't conservatives great?

As if Hurricanes aren't enough, FL Killer Bees are spreading.

And, finally, I couldn't help it - Free Katie!

Have great day.

A little bit of everything

More suggestions  from the Miami Herald for how the GOP can supplant Speaker Bense for Rep. Harris in the '06 Senate race. Yeah, because the Miami Herald is oh so concerned about the GOP saving face in case Harris is the nominee. See my thoughts.

Book Review of The Bottomless Well - the follies of environmentalism, energy and conservation at TCS.

The HOT Tax? - if only they would.

Paul Chesser describes how to turn government into a cash cow.

Found this through Townhall, Presbyterian Church... encouraging Christian parents to remove their children from the public schools.

Over at Dynamist blog, info about the all powerful sugar lobby losing it's grip.

More hurricanes for Florida?

Have a great day. If I see anything else interesting, or if you find something you want me to post on, send it over and I will post on it.


Mr. C

June 16, 2005

Welcome to Visitors from the Truth Laid Bear

I guess this is my first big mention by a large blog, even if I suspect it was a passive action. While I was there I learned I was a Flippery Fish? Any idea what that is?

Have a look around drop back by in the future. I do this almost everyday!

And if you have no idea what I am talking about, I am recieving several hits from the Truth Laid Bear Immigration topics page tonight because of this post. This is what amazes me about blogs, when you don't really say anything profound, you get picked up. But try to be smart, and nothing. ;-) LOL.

Mr. C

Truth or Death

It only took two weeks, and I actually found him through a liberal blog, but I finally found another conservative blog in Florida. Truth or Death is up and running, and you will find him on my Fl Blogs list from this point forward. It looks like he may specialize in legal matters so I shouldn't cross paths with him on too many posts except on the great "ass" kicking editorials. Check him out.

I like the way you think. Good to see you.

Mr. C

Update and New Feature

No posts yesterday. Issues with security on Mr. C's machine. More this afternoon.

I am very excited to announce a new feature on PEER Review -

Original and published editorials, essays and commentary from the James Madison Institute will be published here each month. I am beginning today with two pieces on School Choice and the current case before the Florida Supreme Court. The first is from Clark Neily, adjunct scholar to JMI and attorney for the Institute for Justice, the organization fighting to save school vouchers in Florida (and the US). He is representing the Opportunity Scholarships in the current case. It was published in the past two weeks but you may have missed it, so I have it in it's original form.

Look for a second piece this afternoon from Robert McClure, President and CEO of the James Madison Institute.

Be sure to leave comments. I will post this afternoon with a roundup of recent posts from our liberal friends in the blogosphere.

Thanks for reading!

Mr. C

June 13, 2005

Katherine Harris Blog

Don't get excited. I am sure many of my liberal counterparts (i.e. every blog in Florida) have seen Katherine's Blog, but I only came across it today. I am not holding out hope she will add me to her blog roll. It reads as if it's updated by who ever is interning in the press office this year. If she wants to be on the cutting edge of campaigning she could have a cadre of bloggers waging a front in the war that is sure to come before Nov '06.

If by chance you are reading this and you work in the Press Office of Representative Katherine Harris, contact me.

Mr. C

June 10, 2005


A secret handshake thanks to the following blogs noting me this week -
Florida Politics

And to the Dayshift for the comments.

Mr. C

June 02, 2005

First Time

Remarkably this is my first time on the computer all day. Since I have only just begun this experiment I can get a way with light posting -  for now.

Today, my nephew, as seen here, flew into town and will be spending the summer with us. We will spend the weekend getting settled and learning each other's habits, then it's back to the grind next week.

For my new followers, if there are any yet, expect posts in the coming weeks on the Florida Agriculture Commissioners race (and why there should be one), the smart play for FL Democrats seeking higher office,  more thoughts on Jeb and '08 and other contenders not getting press these days. I plan to heckle some of Florida's more notable blogs and occasionaly poke fun at EJ Dionne of the Washington Post, just because I can. Also, look for occasional posts on NC politics and where I think that is headed.

I will be asking a few friends to contribute to this blog in their spare time and I will be pushing the EER part of PEER Review more and more as we go along.

Drop us a note if you are stopping by, and for the love of everything holy can somebody send me a link to a right wing conservative blog based in Florida, I think I am the only one. One is the loneliest number.

Mr. C.

June 01, 2005

No links

While I am building this site and reading the days news I have come across several blogs without blog rolls. Just posts with archives and a few links in the stories here and there.  What's the point? Without the links and blog rolls it's just a diary. But, there is something voyeuristic and refreshing about reading a weblog that doesn't link to any other weblogs. Is it true security to tell strangers what you think despite their reaction, or the ultimate insecurity to maintain a personal diary on-line? Take them or leave them, some ideas and comments are available to the masses even if the masses don't know.

April 15, 2005

Seeking Conservative Writers

PEER Review is looking for talented conservative writers. We are specifically looking for writers in FL, NC, GA, SC, NY, NJ, VA or DC. We hope to expand to the CA, the midwest and other southern states (TX, LA, MS, AL, TN)  in time, but we have to build something first. Of course if I get responses from these states first maybe well grow there first.

PEER Review believes posting a blog is a talent, a passion and an affair with an electronic medium. We don't pay, but we believe one day we will be able to. We believe posting a blog is much like writing for writers, it's a lot like breathing, eating and sex. You have to do it. And, sometimes you can go without eating.

These are the rules for every contributor:

New Contributor,

This is not RedState and this is not a group blog. You are not entitled to crash my site with retarded ideas. Only conservatives post here. I want you to remember a few things about my Blog when posting –

First and foremost, if you are not hiding your identity when you post, then whatever you write is forever immortalized on the web and attributable to you.

You will not be the only guest contributor. Please stick to strategy or evaluation of your chosen topic. Please give your professional opinion. Never write anything when you are angry.

About me -

I am not a journalist or a reporter; I am not trying to get the story first. In fact, I prefer to let things happen and then evaluate them. Journalist often get the information first, but the interpretation or the message is wrong. They have the resources, the money and the time to be on the scene 24/7. You would think they would be better at what they do, but they are what they are.

I also like to evaluate events before they unfold. What should happen and why, what could happen and why. I am better at it than others and it's what I do. I don't necessarily expect you to do the same. This may not be your strong suit, so write about what you do know. You will be much better at it if you know it and love it. I am more interested in good writing than evaluating events that haven't occured yet.

I am not trying to be an information source, that’s what others (Drudge, Technorati, Bloglines, headline news blogs, blog story blogs, other blogs, etc.) do. Don't worry about providing an encyclopedic knowledge of everything you post about. But if you can't back up the info then you won't be posting very long.

“Man can not live on beer alone,” so I also occassionaly link to entertainment info, education policy, religion thoughts and occasionally science news (because I’m a bit of a geek). You may love to talk about politics 24/7 but readers of PEER Review come here for opinion, evaluation and entertainment so include other topics occasionaly. Feel free to talk about any of them, but no nudity or porn links.

This is a blog I created to voice my opinions, perceptions and predictions.

This is a blog I created to give voice to other conservatives, particularly young ones when possible, and an opportunity to benefit like I will.

I am not trying to get rich using this blog… yet.

About you -

You should consider how you want to be known on the site. If you would like I can reference you similarly to the way Florida Politics references Derek Newton from the November Group, strategic partnership of between you and me. If you would prefer not to link your business to your posts then you can simply post under your name, or Mr.XYZ. If you prefer not to be known, that’s fine. I go by Mr. C, although as you know my identity is not hidden. Let me know how you want to approach this.

Expectations -

If you can contribute one solid piece a week I would be extremely satisfied. After a month or so we can evaluate if you want to continue contributing.

My readership goal is to consistently grow, in readership and influence. I have targets set of 100, 500, 1000, and 5000. I hope to meet them all and have a readership of 5000+ by this time next summer or during the primaries next year. If I can’t get at least 5000 readers a day during an election year then I will be revaluating my purpose throughout next year. Of course if I only have 100 but they are leading to bigger and better than things, then who cares?

In particular think of quality, not quantity readers. Word of mouth is the most effective way to build quality readers. Advertising is the best way to build quantity readers. I want insiders reading the blog, even if they won’t admit it.

Eventually I want the contributors to this blog to practice and hone their skill and start contributing to national publications and local papers. Think about sending an occasional article to a publication of your choice and give a shout out to PEER Review when you do.

If you are interested in posting on PEER Review then send me a post. I may edit it, send it back to you or post it as is. If you find you have the time, energy and passion I will add you to the authors list and you can post on your own.

Email me at thomas@croomstrategies.com when you're ready. At the very least, thank you for visiting PEER Review and considering contributing to it. Tell your friends.

Mr. G Says...

Out of State Allies

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