May 14, 2007

Reader Submission: It's Still the Death of Innocents, Stupid!

This reader submission comes to us from recycleroy and hits upon the core of what will undoubtedly become the hotly contested center-piece of the Republican primary; the candidates positions on life issues.

I would like a clear answer from Rudi and the rest of the presidential contenders from both sides to explain, simply what the difference between pulling the plug on Terri Schiaevo and aborting a presumed healthy baby in the womb is.  The intentional death of an innocent, is still just that. Because of our shift in language I must ask, does a brain damaged adult have the same value as a baby with a defect in the womb, by the way called a potentially unviable tissue mass?  Until these basic questions can be answered, again, simply and loudly, the murder goes on.  As Rome falls this basic cheapening of life continues with loud voices from the MSM and it's small ( < 29 % based on new polling data) pro-choice contingent.  I would suppose we need to first look at the medical community for some of this callousness. 

I can speak to both of these from personal experience. In 1986 my wife became pregnant with our 3rd child. After the normal tests and doctor visits we were notified that my son, who by the way is a healthy 20 year old, had spina bifida and should be aborted without delay at about 3 months along in her pregnancy.  Fast forward 14 years. My wife has diabetes and started having epileptic siezures. Again the good old doctors say you'll only live 5 years or less so get a DNR (Do Not Resesitate) order and load up the drugs waiting for the end. Even after a massive heart attack she's no worse for the wear, she fully recovered and that was in large part to ignoring the doctors and forcing medication changes.
So where does this leave us?

A trusting and mostly ignorant population, led down the garden path to our demise on this earth by societal and medical malpractice......


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