November 17, 2006

FACT: Religious Conservatives Help the Needy More Than Secular Liberals

We've all heard the accusations that Conservatives don't care about the poor.  They want to cut welfare and leave people out on the streets right?  It is the heart of liberals that reaches out to the impoverished and seek to aid them in their plight, right? 

A new study to be published in the book Who Really Cares; The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism says that is not the case.

In fact, author, Syracuse University professor Arthur C. Brooks, demonstrates that religious conservatives donate far more money than secular liberals to all sorts of charitable activities, irrespective of income.

It seems that when it comes down to it, despite the constant allegations that Conservatives don't want to help the needy, it is the Conservatives who put their money where their mouth is in seeking to assist those less fortunate.  This won't come as a surprise to Conservative who understand the principles of personal responsibility that should be advanced by our system of government, but also advocate personal generosity.  But, I can imagine that this will shock some liberals who have convinced themselves that Conservatives are simply about amassing wealth for themselves.

Actually, I take that back.  I'm sure most, if not all liberals out there will find some way to completely write off the evidence as some sort of attack piece on their ideology and completely ignore it, then go about their lives calling us greedy, while refusing to give themselves.  Liberals and reason are like oil and water.

August 09, 2006

Book recommendation

Just finished reading The Code Book and if your a psuedogeek like me (you understand the idea behind the uncertainty principle but don't enjoy doing the actual math) then you will enjoy this book. Read it and learn how to secure your email from anybody.

February 15, 2006

The Biggest Waste Of Money

 * also seen at Heartland Values

Sometime in early 2005, I found myself at a Borders bookstore, going through the titles in the political section of their shelves, when I happened across a book called “Don’t Think Of An Elephant.”

The book, released in September 2004, highlights how conservatives thinks and (supposedly) give the Democrats and progressives the tools to re-frame the arguments to make them more appealing to voters. The author, George Lakoff, has become an adviser to different members to the Democrat Party, since the book release.

One might be inclined to ask “What would possess someone to buy a book like that?” Well, as is done by military leaders, it is wise to study the actions and ways of your enemy/opponent.

Democrats and progressives have come to the conclusion that its not about what the issue is, but how you talk about it. They refer to this concept as “framing”, and the book shows how to reframe Republican arguments.

I bring this up because you will see this “reframing” being used extensively as the march to the 2006 mid-term elections proceeds. Lakoff has held meetings with the Democrat leadership in 2005, and will probably do more as the campaign season continues. If you look closely, you will see this technique already being applied. Allow me to illustrate.

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights League changed to being know to NARAL, and is now referring to itself as Pro-Choice America. If an organization is completely convinced that its mission is right, and that they are strong in their beliefs, why change their name to one that is so wishy-washy? The answer: to soften their image while at the same time diverting people’s attention away from what they are truly advocating: abortion.

Another example, especially prevalent in the last four years, as been to say that “I don’t support the Iraq war, but I support the troops.” How does one make the separation? The troops are in Iraq performing their duties at the behest of their Commander in Chief, President Bush.

What these Democrats and progressives are trying to show is that they are not unpatriotic by saying “we support the troops.” What I call is “smoke and mirrors.”

A third example would be what has come to be known as “global warming.” But, the “global warming” angle is a little hard to sell to people, especially when you have Central Park in New York sitting under at least 2 feet of snow at the moment.

So, the new slogan du jour is “global climate change.” Ultimately, it means the same thing, but sounds less apocalyptic and is presented as a term that is more easily acceptable. I am sure there are more that I could mention (drawing a blank at the moment), but I’m sure you get the general idea.

What the Democrats, liberals and progressives(not mutually exclusive groups)fail to grasp is that the voters of Florida and America want candidates to offer solutions, not some convoluted word salad. Voters want candidates and elected officials to embrace ideas, not just to play with words.

What Mr. Lakoff needs to be emphasizing to the Democrats and his other progressive friends is to come up with a plan for America, and worry less about how you talk about them.

Until then, Republicans will continue with our electoral victories.

In addition, I will find better ways to spend the ten dollars that I wasted on this book. Its a shame so many trees died to print this garbage.

Stacy Cole

August 01, 2005

The Porn Generation

An article at Townhall by UNCW professor Mike Adams entitled Generation P summarizes the book Porn Generation by Ben Shapiro. Anybody under 40 (45?) knows exactly what he's talking about.

Ben observes that “(t)he ‘have sex as soon as you’re ready’ logic also means that having sex becomes a mark of maturity. Those who are more mature and mentally prepared will have sex younger. Those who wait until marriage to have sex, conversely, must be immature social outcasts or for some reason unprepared.”

Regarding colleges and Universities, Ben correctly puts a fair share of the blame for college students’ increasing sexual deviance upon college professors and administrators. He talks about college classes where students take pictures of their own genitals and others that challenge the notion that “voyeurism, bestiality, sadism, and masochism” are perverse. Were this book to end after the third chapter, it would already be a wise investment for the parents of college-bound high school students.

He goes on to say, Shapiro is also dead-on when he states that: “Rappers need to get over their obsession with their own genitals, and start working on changing their perverse views of women, or there’s no end to the damage this destructive culture can create.”

But this is my favorite, and Adams's too,

“Paris Hilton is famous for one reason, and one reason only: She’s a fabulously rich slut.”

I should've used that for the title to this post.
Mr. C

June 20, 2005

A little bit of everything

More suggestions  from the Miami Herald for how the GOP can supplant Speaker Bense for Rep. Harris in the '06 Senate race. Yeah, because the Miami Herald is oh so concerned about the GOP saving face in case Harris is the nominee. See my thoughts.

Book Review of The Bottomless Well - the follies of environmentalism, energy and conservation at TCS.

The HOT Tax? - if only they would.

Paul Chesser describes how to turn government into a cash cow.

Found this through Townhall, Presbyterian Church... encouraging Christian parents to remove their children from the public schools.

Over at Dynamist blog, info about the all powerful sugar lobby losing it's grip.

More hurricanes for Florida?

Have a great day. If I see anything else interesting, or if you find something you want me to post on, send it over and I will post on it.


Mr. C

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