August 02, 2007

Pay the Piper Baby

In August of last year, I ran a post here on NC's speaker of the house, Jim Black.  It seemed to me at the time that all negative publicity was directed only at those on the right.  In the article that accompanied that post, Black said he wasn't aware of any shenanigans going on.  Right.

His time has come.  The N&O in Raleigh, NC has been covering this story all week because ole Jim is on his way to the big house.  He's also got quite a fine to pay before December or he'll get more time. 

My only question is, "Who's next?"  Black is going to sing and heads will roll.  My guess is local lobbyist Don Beason.  Stay tuned.

July 11, 2007

Reading some Thomas Paine today

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.  Many circumstances hath, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all Lovers of Mankind are affected, and in the Event of which, their Affections are interested.  The laying of a Country desolate with Fire and Sword, declaring war against the natural rights of all Mankind, and extirpating the Defenders thereof from the Face of the Earth, is the Concern of every Man to whom Nature hath given the power of feeling; of which class, regardless of Party Censure, is the Author."

                                                                   Thomas Paine, February 14, 1776

Mr. Paine was quite the visionary.  It is not egotistical on the part of America (or Americans) to say that what affects us affects the world.  It is only factual.  Circumstances did arise; terrorists tried to lay waste to America.  It didn't work.  We did stumble, ever so briefly, and then this great Country stood tall, brushed off the dust, and went about the business of bringing justice to those who would harm Freedom.

Some people may not wish to use the term Global War on Terror, but that is exactly what it is.  Whether it is attacks in America, England, Iraq, or any other country whose desire for its people is simply Freedom, it is the responsibility of "every Man to whom Nature has given the power of feeling" to respond. 

America has responded, thanks to those who care for more than just themselves.  God bless this administration, our elected officials, and those individuals serving in the greatest military on this planet.

June 05, 2007

Who is the criminal - Libby or Jefferson?

I posted the below and had to make changes to it.  My apologies to anyone that read the original.

Perusing the net yesterday and today I noticed headlines at Fox News about both Libby and Jefferson.  I wondered then if those on the left had made mention of the two and pondered where best to check.  Since I planned to write this blog post covering both, I concentrated on what blog on the left I should check to see if they are "fair and balanced".  Although I rarely go there for obvious reasons, I thought that DailyKos would surely mention both with the readership that the blog enjoys.  Yes, I checked.  Kudos to Kos for airing both.

Libby was indicted on five charges and has been given 30 months for not remembering his conversations.  I know, some of you say there is more to it.  No, there really isn't.  The prosecutor went on a witch hunt hoping to get Cheney or Bush and couldn't because no one had done anything illegal.  The original investigation was about who leaked Plame's name.  They know who did because Richard Armitage admitted to it.  Still, Libby gets accused of lying and gets jail time while Armitage gets nothing.

Now, Jefferson.  Let me quote "A federal grand jury on Monday indicted Louisiana Democratic Rep. William Jefferson on 16 charges relating to a long-running investigation into bribery, racketeering, obstruction of justice and money laundering."  He has been videotaped accepting bribes from the FBI and two of his associates have pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with officials regarding Jefferson.

Anyone want to place bets on who gets more jail time or on who gets pardoned?

May 30, 2007

"Ben" Doll

I found it humorous that Ben Affleck made the statement that Romney looks like a 'Ken Doll'.  Check out the pics below and notice how much Ben actually looks like the doll.

Ken_2 Ben

I'm just saying - maybe Ben is actually jealous of Mitt's looks or has some sort of secret crush on the Presidential candidate.  It was also humorous to me that Ben said the GOP really doesn't have much to choose from for a candidate.  This from the guy who worshipped John Kerry.  If we could only have a Hillary, Obama, or an Edwards.  The only person missing from that lineup is old Ed Kennedy.  It's going to be a fun election.

April 07, 2007

Gore scared to debate

I know this is slightly old news BUT I feel like it really didn't get the coverage it should have.  This is about Gore being challenged to a debate on global warming.  I haven't seen any response from the Gore troops about it.  I suppose he feels that if he ignores it, it will simply go away.  It's amazing how much he has to say when he's addressing those that kiss his butt every day and then he has nothing to say when challenged directly.

Maybe it's time to get the old rock group Warrant back together to write a "song" for Al Gore like the one they performed in the eighties called "Ode to Tipper Gore."  If you haven't heard it, find it on the Net but don't listen when the kids are around.

April 04, 2007

Say it isn't so John

I've been hesitant to "say" anything regarding John Edwards and his wife's returning cancer.  I read something to day that caused me to shake my head so...

First, as anyone with any sanity should, I wish them both well.  I hope she beats the cancer and lives a nice, long, happy life with her family.  Because I believe in the election process, I wish Mr. Edwards luck with his campaign.  If the people of America were to decide he is the best person to lead our country, I would back him because I'm an American before I'm a Republican.  I think there are many, on the left and the right, that feel differently.  That being said, I really don't think he stands a chance in the primary much less the general election.

Now, what causes me to write again upon this great website is what I believe to be the Edward's hypocrisy.  Everyone thought that the big news conference a couple of weeks ago by the Edwards was going to be the end of his campaign.  Why do you suppose that is?  Because there was no other reason to call a news conference.  John, however, surprised everyone by saying nothing has changed.  Yes, they announced what we all knew, that his wife's cancer had returned - but why call the national media together to tell us that?  It was for the sympathy vote.  I know, I just caused wailing and gnashing of teeth all over.  Remember people, this is my opinion.  You're welcome to yours and I look forward to hearing justification for the news conference.  That bit of news that day would be the same as the MSM holding their own news conference to announce that they think they're going to be biased against the right. 

The proverbial "straw" for me was this article.  On John's website, there is a link to send a note to them.  When you click on the link, it takes you to the contribution page.  Once there, you see a full page thank you from the couple talking about her cancer and the campaign.  Should you use the link on that page to send them a note, you're automatically added to his list of potential donors and you can believe that you will get an email asking you to send money.  All fine and dandy, but John specifically said they weren't looking for the sympathy vote.

In fairness, as also pointed out in the article, any other candidate would have done the same thing under the same circumstances.  I like to believe that isn't true.

February 26, 2007

Numbers you won't see in the MSM

I read Lieberman's op-ed piece today and found the following very interesting:

Here is an ironic finding I brought back from Iraq. While U.S. public opinion polls show serious declines in support for the war and increasing pessimism about how it will end, polls conducted by Iraqis for Iraqi universities show increasing optimism. Two-thirds say they are better off than they were under Saddam, and a resounding 82% are confident their lives in Iraq will be better a year from now than they are today.

So, how can the dems (and few RINO's) tell the people of Iraq, "Go to hell; we're outta here"?  I just don't get it.

February 20, 2007

The best endorsement money can buy

Hillary's a slick one too, isn't she?  She recently picked up the endorsement of Sen. Darrell Jackson in South Carolina. The state's paper carried the story pointing out what could be, and is being, conceived as buying an endorsement.

It seems that not only is Jackson a Senator, but he has a consulting firm.  Oh yeah, he's also the pastor of one of the state's largest congregations - over 9,000 members.  I know, none of that by itself says anything BUT... there's more.

He anounced he was supporting Hillary the day after she agreed to pay his firm a total of $210,000 for their services.  Crooked dealings, I don't know - but here's how it looks.  Darrell has himself a nice little thing going here.  His influence as a pastor and as a democrat in the South is unquestionable.  Any candidate needing votes in SC needs or wants his endorsement.  He owns a consulting firm which can make any money paid to him to buy his endorsement look legitimate.

I know, the money is paid to the firm which he says he hasn't collected a salary from in years.  Sure; I used to audit companies like this and it just so happens that most owners don't collect salaries from their companies.  The proof usually lies in the Accounts Receivable account for the owner.  If he truly doesn't gain anything from the company, why is he still involved with it? 

I'm not passing judgement (the Bible tells me not to) but questions have to be asked.  BTW, Pastor Jackson also played the race card when asked about it all.  He said he was offended that the national media (the state paper hardly counts as national) thinks that an African-American in his position can't support a candidate without being paid off.  No one questioned the dealings based on his race but questioned them based on his endorsement. 

Armstrong Williams, conservative black commentator, may have said it best.  He said, "They're not buying his services.  They're buying his influence.  That is scandalous."

February 16, 2007

It's about damn time!!!

Nothing, I mean nothing, drives me crazier than complete stupidity.  What I am refering to are those people who can learn and reason but CHOOSE not to - they're stupid and, apparently in NC, they also vote democratic.

I know, you're asking "Why all the venom today Mr. H"?  Someone in NC finally pulled their heads out and looked around at Speaker Jim Black and apparently noticed that he may actually be a crooked politician.  I want to know what took so long.

Another "Black" mark on NC dems

Yes, he's at it again.  The Black I refer to is Jim Black.  There is none dirtier in NC politics right now.  You can't turn a page in the paper without seeing his name tied to crooked politics.  Michael Decker pleaded guilty to several charges that come down to him accepting $50,000 to switch parties in 2003.  Black needed the turncoat to retain his "power."  Of course, ole Jim says he's not aware of any of the shenanigans going on.  The sweat on his brow tells a different story.  It's only a matter of time now.  Jim Black WILL STEP DOWN before the elections.  It's political suicide if he doesn't, for him and his party.

I posted the above August 1, 2006.  I completely freaked out when, not only did Black not step down, but the stupid individuals I spoke of earlier reelected him.  I asked myself, "How can the people be so blind"?  Today, the blinders are being ripped off as the dems HAVE TO ACCEPT THE FACT that Black is crooked.  The N&O ran the story today, front page, that reads like this "BLACK TOOK PAYOFFS".  You must click the link and at least look at the picture of a guy who was once one of the most powerful men in NC. 

I have finally come to understand how he got reelected.  democrats across the nation would rather see any dem in office than any Republican simply because they have a dislike for President Bush. 

Complete stupidity!

February 09, 2007

I smell a waffle!

I ran across Edwards "plan" called "Universal Health Care Through Shared Responsibility" today.  He states in there (among the rest of the junk) that "Families cannot be left on their own".  Of course he advocates more government involvement to save us from ourselves.  The waffling comes in when he says "Once insurance is affordable, everyone will be expected to take responsibility for themselves and their families by obtaining health insurance."  Can we be left on our own or not?

First, affordable?  That's a relative term.  We recently bought an "affordable" home and I can assure you that it didn't cost $6,000,000 like John Boy's did.  Second, everyone will be expected to take responsibility?  Like, everyone that is able is expected to be responsible and become contributing members of society by getting a job; or everyone is expected to be responsible and stay with their children and raise them?   Yeah, that's worked out really good for America.

Here's what I expect.  I expect that IF you were to get elected and IF you could push through this little plan of yours, it'll be like every other government handout plan and the working will foot the bill for those too lazy to work.  Hey John, you might take a look at and have a conversation with Mr. Mitt Romney - he's already got a plan that appears to be working in Massachusetts.

January 30, 2007

Edwards - Hypocrisy at its best

I have no personal disdain for the man, but his "Two Americas" speech from the last election looks like so much fluff now.  Of course, Republicans knew it then but maybe the rest of America will take off their blinders and see the real John Edwards.

This week, the N&O ran the story of John's new home being built in Orange County, North Carolina.  It's a modest home for him and his small family - 29,000 square feet at a cost of roughly $6,000,000!  Do not misunderstand me; I have no problem with a person buying whatever they want.  My problem with Edwards is the manner in which he presents himself.  He acts as if he is one of the poor unfortunate ones that has struggled his entire life to get by.  No, he doesn't state that, but he leads the uneducated into thinking that by the way he poor-mouths those that do have riches.  Maybe my biggest problem is not really him, but those that believe the smoke he's blowing.

One has to ask - how do you advocate for the poor and then drive home to your 100 acre lot and $6,000,000 home?  Unbelievable!


December 19, 2006

Holy Crap! What now?

Picture this - the leadership of the democratic party (I know, an oxymoron) sitting around at home, sipping their latte, clothed in their satin robe and slippers, children playing in the floor.  Then, suddenly, they utter the above words - Holy Crap!  What now?

That's the phrase being mumbled by dems across the nation.  They have no idea what they're going to do.  Sure, taxes will go up, those that are able to work but choose not to will get more unemployment, and the minimum wage will go up to encourage people to not further educate themselves and move up the ladder on their own.  Chances are also that the USA will cut and run the first chance the dems get.

Those are a given.  But what will they really do?  Nothing, they have no ideas.  If a dem gets in the White House, there will be nothing done with social security.  Granted, Bush didn't do anything either but he did try - the dems got in the way of that.  Also, I bet that, all of a sudden, there will be no global warming doom in our future.  Gore will again be out of a job.

Regardless, the GOP will be waiting in the wings; waiting for America to see it's mistake once again with having the country run by dems.  We hold no grudge.  We understand that you have to let people try new things and then, when they realize their mistakes, welcome them back with open arms.  It's much like the prodigal son.  If you don't know what that means, pick your Bible up and dust it off - it's a good story.

BTW, you may want to check out the other story in there - the birth of a Savior.  It's good reading.  With that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

November 07, 2006

Anyone leaving the country this time?

I've been extremely busy adjusting to the new baby, job, house, etc. and apologize for the long absence to those of you that may care. 

I was just curious as to why we haven't heard from the psycho celebrities that normally spout off about what they're going to do if the dems don't win.  The best ones are the ones that are going to leave the United States to live somewhere else; I wish they would follow through with their promises occasionally.  Also, would ANYONE care if they did leave - not very likely.

Now, Kate, and every other misguided dem in Florida, DAVIS IS NOT GOING TO WIN.  I also believe that Republicans will not lose control ANYWHERE.  History has proven that people vote by their pocketbooks and MOST people are enjoying a bustling economy. 

Let me say that IF the dems pull out a huge victory and are in control after the elections, I will not whine and bitch every time a dem blinks.  I may not agree with the dem platform but if the majority chooses dem, then I start to work on the next election to try and turn things around.  I do not, however, try to destroy the country by second guessing everything OUR elected officials do.  That's childish and ignorant.

Now, I ask you, are you going to whine and bitch when the GOP prevails today.  My money says you do!

September 14, 2006

Are America's youth really this gullible?

For those that care, forgive me for my absence but I've recently changed jobs, moved my family in with my sister in a new town (temporarily), and spend my waking hours playing with my three month old son.  As busy I have been, the following just made me either want to yak or at the very least choke someone.  I need to vent, so bear with me.

I had a very brief conversation with a 20 year old the other day.  It was brief because I could tell immediately that she had no idea what she was talking about.  Her mother (anti-Bush without really knowing why) was in attendance and the conversation turned to GWB.  The mom said to her daughter, "Be careful, he's (Mr. H) a Bush fan."  It's true, I am.  The daughter looked at me and said, "You know he's addicted to cocaine."  All I could say was, "What in the hell are you talking about?"  Her matter-of-fact reply was that she thought it was common knowledge.  She couldn't remember where she had read or heard it.  I'm not surprised.  Then she threw out the FACT that Bush belonged to a satanic cult in college , whichever one it was that he attended (no, she couldn't remember that).  I asked her if she meant the Skull and Bones society at Yale.  "Yeah", she said excitedly, "That's it!"  I told her she should research things for herself and not just believe everything some idiot blurts out.  By the way, that jack-ass Kerry that the left led to the slaughter in the last election was also a member of the "satanic cult" at Yale.

What really blew me away was the fact that her mother said nothing.  She kind of laughed it off.  When later the mom and  I talked in private she said, "It's amazing what kids believe nowadays."

It's not amazing, it's sad.

August 04, 2006

Clinton's transparency

So the other Clinton is now calling for Rumsfeld's resignation.  Is there anyone that didn't see this coming?

It has been widely reported of her troubles within the democratic party concerning her stance(s) on the war in Iraq.  She has been attempting to position herself a little closer to center lately and the left doesn't like it.  She needed something to get back in their good graces and saw her chance in the hearings yesterday.

Did you hear she personally wrote him a letter when it was reported that Rumsfeld would not testify?  She was doing all she could to make sure he showed up so she could lambaste him afterwards.  Read the letter, it's transparency is obvious.  She states facts to Rumsfeld that, as Secretary of Defense, he already knows.  She does this because she knows the letter will be made public and she wants those that read it to be impressed with her knowledge.  Didn't work for me.

So, Rumsfeld decides to testify even though he knows politics is actually driving this meeting.  What happens?  Within hours, Hillary calls on Rummy to step down.  I bet the speech calling for his resignation was written before the letter asking him to testify.

I don't think her little ruse is going to work.  No matter what I think of the left, the majority are not that stupid to fall for her strategic positioning up and down the political scales depending on what the polls are saying about her.  I do think it is a clever idea, but I would have made sure it wasn't so easy to see through.

August 03, 2006

Cynthia McKinney - a waste

Browsing around the net today, I came across another story about this woman.  I do not refer to her as a Congresswoman because I think to do so would be a disservice to those serving in Congress.  Curiosity getting the best of me, I traveled to her website to see what she thinks.  Know what I learned, she's a waste of time and money.

She "showcased" her legislation at the Hip Hop Power Shop.  What legislation?  HR's 2554 and 4968.  They deal with MLK and Tupac.  She wants the files on them made public - whatever.  What gets me is this statement - two outstanding African-Americans, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and song artist Tupac Amaru Shakur.  Outstanding?  I'll grant you that MLK was a great man trying to make good changes but the world knows that he plagiarized like it was nobody's business.  Still, I liked him and admired him for his efforts.

Tupac?  Please.  He was a criminals criminal.  I do not dispute that he had talent but he had eight arrests by the time he was in his twenties.  I know, he was a product of his environment and all that yadda yadda.  Crap!  AFTER his second album reached fourth on the charts and AFTER he was in the movie Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson, he went to prison for sexual assault.

Is Tupac really the type of person that should be lifted up as an example of  an "outstanding" African-American?  Not in my humble opinion.  How about Colin or Condi?  That's right, they're Republicans so they don't count.  Off the top of my head, I dare say that Barack Obama is a much more outstanding AMERICAN (not just African-American) than Tupac.

Cynthia, you're done.  Your party has abandoned you as a casualty and they were right to do so.  Maybe the person to take your place will actually do something and not just take up space in Congress.

Is anyone surprised?

Air America was a joke from the beginning and it's only getting funnier.  The NY Post reports that Franken and crew are going to a worse place on the dial.  Ever heard of beating a dead horse?  Someone should pull the plug. 

I hope Franken runs for office;  you'll get the same results and it'll be just as hilarious when he flops too.

August 01, 2006

Another "Black" mark on NC dems

Yes, he's at it again.  The Black I refer to is Jim Black.  There is none dirtier in NC politics right now.  You can't turn a page in the paper without seeing his name tied to crooked politics.

Michael Decker pleaded guilty to several charges that come down to him accepting $50,000 to switch parties in 2003.  Black needed the turncoat to retain his "power."  Of course, ole Jim says he's not aware of any of the shenanigans going on.  The sweat on his brow tells a different story.

It's only a matter of time now.  Jim Black WILL STEP DOWN before the elections.  It's political suicide if he doesn't, for him and his party.

July 26, 2006

Racism and soccer

Did you watch ANY of the World Cup soccer?  I admit I've never liked soccer but, in an attempt to broaden my horizons, I tried to watch a couple of the matches.  All I saw were 'athletes' who were apparently not man enough to stay on their feet if another player got within three feet of them. I am very aware that soccer players are athletes and can run all day and blah, blah, blah.

The problem was the acting.  Instead of simply trying to score to beat the other team, it appeared that everyone's strategy was to "dive" and try to get as many players on the other team kicked out as possible.  The falling, diving, holding knees and rolling around was some of the worst acting I've ever seen.  It reminded me alot of the Duke Blue Devils and their diving for a charge call.  Also some of the worst acting.  Now, speaking of horrible acting, have you seen the story about Mo'Nique?

That's right.  Another spoiled actor is complaining, and she happens to be black so it must be racism. Read the story, it's ridiculous. It comes down to where a hair dryer was being placed in the overhead storage.

The point I'm making here is that the Mo'Niques and McKinney's in the world want their way or they're going to scream racism.  I'm a guy who has been around for a while; been in the military, worked for black people and white people - and I've learned there are rules in life that you must follow.  If you don't, there are consequences, and the rest of us are not often cooperative with rulebreakers.  It has nothing to do with what color you are. 

Is there racism in America? Absolutely.  I see it from all races. But you've never seen Ivory magazine on bookshelves, or the White Entertainment Television station on TV, and there is no NAAWP.  Can you imagine the outcry if any of them did exist? 

I am not a racist.  When I was in the Navy my best friend was a black guy.  He was also my supervisor.  You know why he was a supervisor?  Because he worked hard and EARNED the position, and you know something else? He was a damn good leader and a damn good friend.

(Deep breath).  I know some people may be bothered by this post, but don't be. Racism is still exhibited by all races and just because you don't get your way doesn't mean that people don't like you for you color.  Cynthia McKinney didn't follow the rules for entering a government building and was detained; Mo'Nique caused a delay on a flight in America and was asked to depart - it's as simple as that.

Maybe they should be head-butted, or at least red-carded.

Mr. H

July 25, 2006

Veto planned?

Many on the left have said that the President doesn't go to the bathroom without Karl planning it.  Could be, but I think the left is simply jealous they don't have a George Bush to put in the White House or a Karl Rove to mastermind the move.  Anyway, back to my original thought.

Does the left think that Bush just vetoed the stem cell bill for fun?  Think about it.  Bush (and Rove) knew that there were many on the right that would vote to overturn his veto.  He hasn't vetoed ANY other item that has been placed on his desk since he's been in office.  Why now?  Maybe, just maybe, it gives those running for office this year an opportunity to distance themselves from the President.  Wouldn't that be a brilliant move?  Bush is not a selfish man; he'd take one on the chin for the GOP. 

Further proof of this is his willingness to speak at the NAACP convention this year.  Notice, this is the first time he's spoken to them as a group - EVER.  If he was selfish, he would have been kissing their butts years ago like the left did.  He has more respect for them than to just speak to them in an attempt to get their votes.  He was there for the GOP.  I would understand, however, if the next GOP President didn't speak to them either as the majority appeared to have no respect for the office that Bush holds.  For that matter, the majority of the left has no respect for the position either.  If they did, they would dump self-serving politicians that are still trying to get in there such as Kerry, Clinton, and Edwards.  Gore wanted so bad to be in the public eye that he moved to another venue.  How do I get on these tangents?

Okay, the 'polls' show most Americans would vote democratic if elections were held today.  So, those running for office have to distance themselves from the President.  Hmmm, how to do that?  Let Bush veto a bill that will allow those running for the GOP to vote against his veto and thereby have something to hang their hats on.  They can play their cards any way they choose to then. It's a  beautiful move.  Of course, that's just my theory.

Mr. H

July 06, 2006

Ron Klein gets a "D"

The Boca Raton News ran this story a week or so ago but I was waiting to see if any of our beloved liberal bloggers said anything about it.  Since I haven't seen much, I thought it was about time somebody spoke up.  Here we go.

Ron Klein is crooked as they come.  Sorry, that may be a little too harsh.  Ron Klein serves only those that contribute to his campaign.  That's certainly getting closer.  As stated in the article, Klein voted against the Repeal of Joint and Several Liability.  For those not aware, Klein is an attorney.  Joint and Several Liability basically lets an attorney sue any and everyone involved. 

Let's say in December I am rear-ended at a stop light by Klein which sends my car sliding into Jim Davis who is in line at the unemployment office.  Davis requires medical attention and a brief hospital stay.  Of course, Davis sues Klein for damages and medical treatment.  Klein can't pay because he too is out of a job.  The Joint and Several Liability would allow Davis to sue me even though I was just sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green.  It only makes sense to repeal this law so that innocent people aren't being sued by money hungry attorneys.

Obviously, having taken leave of his senses, Klein (as well as Gannon and Slosberg) voted against the repeal.  The article also notes that Klein received $200,000 in campaign contributions from like minded attorneys.  The good news, the repeal passed anyway.

It's time to wake up.  Klein is a self-serving politician who got a D.  I didn't give him that score, read the article.  I would have given him an F.

Mr. H

June 30, 2006

Update - More ethics problems for dems

I suppose that with each and every passing day, the dems hopes to make ethics an election year issue slowly fades.  It seems they have more trouble on their hands.  A three term state representative in NC doctored checks to make it appear that he had paid back his college loans.  Unbelievable. 

With Jefferson taking money, Kennedy drunk driving, and Paul Miller faking checks - there isn't much the dems can say about the GOP.  The article says Miller decided not to run again this year.  Good idea.

UPDATE:  Miller to resign by July 7.  Article here.  What's laughable is the way the dems in NC pretend like they're surprised by the announcement.  The resignation letter didn't state Miller's reason for stepping down to which another Durham dem (Rep. Mickey Michaux) said "When you find out, let me know, I have no earthly idea." 

That tells me that Michaux is either a liar or in denial.  My guess - BOTH!

Mr. H

June 23, 2006

Sarandon makes me want to yak

You know what I mean?!  Why does she (or her jack-leg husband) think that anyone cares about anything they have to say outside of acting?  Even in that arena, the only good acting she does is when she's dying (Thelma & Louise and the other one with Julia Roberts). 

Seriously, schools for Mexico. She wants the US to build schools along the border of Mexico instead of fences.  For what?  To teach illegals how to get around the border patrol?  Or maybe, how to teach illegals to not pay taxes in the US and funnel their paychecks back to Mexico.  She's a moron in every sense of the word.  She thinks the world is careening out of control.  The only things careening out of control are the careers of her and Tim.

Here's a clue for ALL  of Hollywood - we don't like you for your opinions.  If you're an actor - act.  If you're a musician - perform.  The government isn't telling you how to run your careers so how about shut up and let the politicians, elected by the people, run the government.  Separation of church and government?  How about separation of entertainment and government?!

Mr. H

June 15, 2006

Even Canada thinks Gore is crazy

Gore "is an embarrassment to US science".  That's not me saying that, that's our good friends to the North.  Personally, I think Gore is an embarrassment to dems and politics in general, but we'll save that for another post.

As anyone with any sense knows, you can create a poll that will give you the answers you want simply based upon the design of the questions.  Gore, basically, has done the same thing.  He's taken people and "experts" that think like he does and made a movie.  Is there any surprise that Chicken Little is screaming "The sky is falling, the sky is falling"? 

Put it another way.  Those lunatics out west that are protesting at the burial of soldiers, you know, the ones that carry signs saying that "God hates Fags."  Suppose they get together a bunch of psycho's that agree with them and make a movie, what does it mean?  It means that there are a bunch of people that agree with them, that's all.  Obviously there are MANY, MANY that don't agree with this "church" group. 

So, Gore found some people that agree with him; there are MANY, MANY that don't.

Mr. H

June 13, 2006

Just say "Rove is innocent."

As maninblack pointed out, Mr. Rove will not be facing any charges related to the witch hunt carried on by Fitzgerald.  Also, as pointed out by maninblack, anyone with any common sense knew that would be the case.

What bothers me, ever so slightly, is the way this information is being presented.  Why hasn't anyone stated that Rove is simply innocent?  The media instead tries to insinuate that Rove is guilty of something and that Fitzgerald is doing him a favor by not charging him.  USA Today, the NY Times, the AP, and even  Fox News all report it the same way - "Rove won't be charged."  I assume if he was guilty he would be charged, so logic dictates that he is innocent.  Enough with the rhetoric, say it with me - Rove is innocent! 

Congratulations Karl, looking forward to seeing some more of your work later this year.

Mr. H

June 09, 2006

dems still have no plan

Remember in the last election, when some democratic thug volunteers slashed tires at a GOP center?  Apparently, that was the only way they thought kerry could get elected - by keeping voters away from the polling stations.  BTW, how'd that work out?

Remember before that, when gore decided to try and win the election by going to court?  That didn't fare very well either.

Why do I bring up old news?  Because it appears that it's business as usual for the dems.  Once again, they're going to court.  It seems they think they stand a better chance of winning if they can keep Delay's court proceedings in the public eye instead of just pushing their candidate.  Maybe, just maybe, they want to stall long enough that when Delay is taken off the ballot, the Republican that will then run won't have any real time to campaign.  Do you think the dems would do that?  Absolutely, because after having been beat down in so many elections, they have no faith in their candidates' abilities to get elected.  NO PLAN.

Here's a plan they have used.  Let's pretend we're in high school and light a bag full of dog feces on fire and sit it on the GOP porch.  No, they didn't really do that.  They did do this.  That's right, stick an envelope full of crap through the mail slot of a GOP candidate.  I don't even know what else to say about that?  Grow up?

Let's refresh - go to court, slash tires, mail crap.  I fully acknowledge that not all dems resort to this type of childish behavior but people, please.  The left doesn't have ANYONE making the news for what they can do or have done that is positive.  Some advice, pick a candidate that can make it on his/her own merit.  Then, use the people that are willing to do anything (mail crap) to do mailings in support of said candidate.  Also, use the money that you're wasting in court to spread the candidate's message in the media. 

Or, keep on with the status quo and let me know how that works out for ya this time.

Mr. H

June 07, 2006

Seen as a coward by his peers

It seems that all of a sudden, one "soldier" thinks that it is now up to him to determine what wars he'll fight in and won't fight in.  The United States military does not, has not, will not ever work that way.  As a soldier, it is not your place to question those in authority, you simply do what you're told.  I once questioned an officer in the Navy about this and used an extreme example.  If I were told to kill someone in a time of war that I didn't think should be killed, what should I do?  He said I should state my objection to the order, then carry out that order to the best of my ability.  Was he crazy? No.  The military is a different world with it's own set of laws.  There is a chain of command for a reason.  The perfect soldier is the one that doesn't try to justify what he is asked to do, he (or she) just does it.

Now, is this guy a coward?  I can't say.  I will say however, that I'm certain that the guys he has trained with will or do think he is.  It can't be helped.  The thought process is "If I can do it, why can't you"?  We had a guy in boot camp that punked out on us; said he couldn't take it.  He lost all respect from the rest of the company and they shipped his candy ass back home to his Mama. 

As a man, I hate that First Lt. Ehren Watada is going through whatever it is that has brought him to this point.  As a Veteran, I'm disgusted.

Mr. H

May 23, 2006

Presbyterian or Methodist in 2008?

While waiting for the 2044 Republican front runner for President of the USA to be born, I've spent a lot of time on the Internet lately.  I began looking at the personal bios of past Presidents and became interested in the religions that had been represented in the White House.  One thing that I found quite interesting is the fact that JFK is the only Catholic to ever sit in the seat. (The Mormons Jehovah's Witnesses have also had just one - Ike).   A large amount of the population is (was) Catholic.  It got me to wondering, does anyone REALLY care about the religious affiliations of those seeking the most powerful position in the world?

In looking at front runners for 2008, I've tried to take into account several polls, but they vary depending on MANY different factors, so I chose Malkin and Kos for obvious reasons.  These only poll on the respective parties, not against each party.  The results were slightly unexpected.

The GOP prefer Frist and the dems Clark.  I can understand Frist (maybe I'm biased) but Clark?  For the record, Clinton came in FOURTH, behind the aforementioned, as well as Feingold and Edwards.  When the parties face off, votes were 46% for McCain and 37% for Clinton

Does the religion matter?  In the democratic primary, you have Baptist (Clark) and Jewish (Feingold) facing off.  Historically, Feingold wouldn't stand a chance.  There have been four Baptists presidents to none for the Jews.  Before you jump all over the Southern Baptist Association and the Bible Belt, the Baptists come in fourth place overall.  In the Republican primary, you would have Presbyterian (Frist) versus Mormon (Romney).  Romney is in the same boat as Feingold.  There have been 10 and 1 Presidents, respectively.  Following the same logic and think-pattern, the election would come down to Presbyterian vs. Baptist (First vs. Clark).  The result would be Frist by a landslide (10 to 4). 

Of course, we know many events, besides religion, come in to play in determining who the next President will be (or even who will make it past the primaries).  If it did come down to McCain and Clinton, you have Episcopalian against Methodist.  Hillary would lose based on our little game here but it is also interesting to note, Bill ran as a Baptist.  He beat the last Episcopalian to run (H.W. Bush).  I wonder if the Clinton's have ever heard "a house divided cannot stand" or "don't be unequally yoked"?  I know, I butchered both sayings, but you know what I mean.

There are HUGE differences in many religions and I suppose that most people think that a sitting President would not push his (or her) religion on the people hence, maybe, the topic isn't discussed much during elections.  I admit that I believe in prayer (as any good Southern Baptist would) and I like that President Bush admits that he spends time in prayer.  However, would I be comfortable with some less popular religion doing the same in the White House?  I just don't know...would you?

Mr. H

May 19, 2006

Switching parties

Sitting on the porch with my laptop, smoking a Zino Platinum shorty, I ran across an interesting little bit on Wikipedia.  Small history lesson here first.

When I was young and impressionable, I ran across this young lady involved in the young democrats.  She asked if I'd be interested in attending and I was.  Several months later, I was the VP of the young dems in Mecklenburg County - EACK, ACK - sorry, still makes me sick to my stomach to admit that.  Anyway, I worked really hard in local elections and spoke very well about slick willy to everyone I met in the hopes to help get him into office.  We had a good year that year and yes, willy made it into the White House.  After he got in, I got out.  It was clinton's behavior in the White House and his utter lack of respect for the office that finally opened my eyes to the fact that I was not a dem, I was (am) a Republican.  It seems I'm not the only person in history to see the light.  Check it out here.

Republicans that used to be dems:  Reagan, Thurmond, Helms, Lott.
dems that used to be Republicans:  Hillary, Dean, Panetta, Heinz-Kerry.

Note a couple of things here.  Wiki says "The majority of party switchers in the modern era have switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party."   The majority switch from dem to GOP.  Also, it looks to me like we sure got the better end of the deal.  You decide.

Mr. H

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