October 06, 2006

Illegal Immigration - Still a Problem, and Growing

Most of us have experienced both the nightmare and the reality that is a late night in a jammed emergency room.  But with the growing number of illegal immigrants emergency rooms are becoming more than just a single night’s bad experience.  In a report last year by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) it was estimated that illegal immigrants in the state of Florida are resulting in more than $165 MILLION a year in unpaid hospital care.  As a result of unpaid emergency care bills, many hospitals are creating free clinics in order to lower the cost of providing this GOVERNMENT MANDATED SERVICE. Yes, in case you are unfamiliar, most hospitals are required to provide emergency care regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.  The result is the $25 aspirin that your insurance is charged.  Guess who those costs are passed down to?  That's right, you and me.

It comes down to us through insurance rates and through taxes.  About $910 MILLION in taxes used each year by the state to offset the annual $4.3 BILLION cost of providing education, health care, and incarceration for illegal immigrants in our state.  FAIR estimated that the cost to the average Floridian household per year for providing these services is $315.  That does not include the share passed down by illegal immigration on a national level.

But the problem is growing and will continue to get worse.  What will the solution be for the ever aging population of illegal immigrants as they reach an age of not being able to care for themselves?  With no Social Security/Medicare number they will they have no “safety net?”  Will they simply die in the street without aid?  Of course not.  The government will have to rush in to the rescue once again.  FAIR estimates that the current $4.3 BILLION dollar cost of illegal immigrants will balloon to over $8 BILLION within the next ten years.  Guess gets to pay that tab?

But FAIR’s numbers don’t take into account the cost of other government services.  As illegal’s are hired and employed we have no tax contribution.  That means the roads they use, the government services of fire, police and others all have greater burden but no contribution by these users. Guess who pays?

But we also have to consider the loss by Americans in wages.  We’ve all heard the argument that illegal aliens do the jobs that no one else will do.  So what happens if they are not there to do them?  Will we be left with no one to perform those jobs?  Will no one perform the labor and services currently performed by illegal aliens?  No.  The result will be that employers will simply have to pay more for these jobs to attract workers!  The jobs will still get done and good old US citizens will GET A RAISE!  That means more tax revenue and less whining about unlivable wages. Why aren’t the Democrats and the Unions screaming about this? Cheap scab labor from south of the border is keeping US workers from better wages!

The bottom line…good old Joe middle class gets to pay extra for all the government give away’s and illegal alien employers get a free subsidy from all of us!

Everyone benefits when we do it right. Will the costs for goods and services go up with higher wages? Absolutely, but not near as high as when we instead hire the government workers and health care providers to give BILLIONS of dollars away.  If we do it legally we might even get enough of a tax cut to cover the increase in costs for goods and services. (Forgive my moments of fantasy…government becoming so efficient as to cut taxes …what am I thinking?)

The rallies have died down, the issue isn't the hot topic it was a few months ago, but we must be diligent in demanding that our representatives and leaders:

1.  Close the border.
2.  Create a legal guest worker program.
3.  Require everyone to pay their fair share.

The madness must end and reason must be returned. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of delaying and playing politics rather than quickly moving to solve this problem.  Meanwhile, you and I get to pick up the several billion dollar bill.

August 30, 2006

The Liberal Mentality: Not All Are Equal

The hypocrisy of  liberals continues with the recent news about the religious sect of Warren Jeffs. Liberals are just horrified at the treatment of the young girls under Jeffs' control… as they should be.  Yet, when it comes to rape rooms, torture and mass murder in Iraq, well that is another matter. I guess it is ok to treat women as property and strip them of their rights as long as it is outside the  US.  To liberals, no weapons of mass destruction means that nothing good has come out of Iraq, despite an end to the atrocities by Saddam and his regime.

I am sorry that the hypocrisy is not more obvious to the liberal mind.  Where is the outcry for little Iraqi girls?

I guess we are just suppose to forget all that since the republicans are waging the war. Liberals whine that we have to understand cultural differences and tolerate those differences.  Forget the fact that the US polygamists, and those who would force little girls into marriages with 40 year old men ask for that same protection claiming cultural differences as well.

No, liberals like to be indignant as long as it is convenient.

That is all too unfortunate for Iraqi, Afghani and other women around the word whose cultures continue to keep them prisoner. Oh well, I guess it is all ok as long as our liberal sensibilities and tolerance of other cultures remains intact! Just as long as we don't have to hear about it on the evening news.

Mr. T

August 22, 2006

Common Sense on Will McBride

As I watch the Senate race I get the same feeling as the rest of you, that we have just resigned ourselves to the idea that Katherine Harris will win the primary and then go on to lose the election.  But today I recieved an email from one of the smartest guys I know, I'll call him Mr. T with a common sense perspective on the matter:

I sat with Will McBride and I was skeptical.  From what I have heard he doesn't stand a chance... but that was before I was able to talk with the man face to face.  Now, I find myself saying, “this just has to be.”  With everyone just waiting for Katherine Harris to spontaneously ignite and go away, why not just vote for the better candidate? I watch as all the candidates tell me how “conservative” they are, but then their history proves anything but. McBride is the real deal.  On the headline issues of the borders, immigration, the war, abortion, stem cell, national debt and others I found McBride to be thoughtful, and thoroughly a compassionate conservative.  No clichés to get votes, but well thought out responses.  Being a Christian (not the media's equivalent of the Taliban, but the Jesus loving, Nation Founding, hospital building, starving child feeding good neighbor kind) I am glad that he attends a local congregation and actually believes it helps him be a good leader.  In fact, he was once a youth group leader so he will be familiar with the adolescent behavior in the Senate!  Perhaps this experience is his best qualifier.  It sure helped JC Watts!

No, I am not a consultant, and I am not a paid politico. I am just a good old conservative Christian who wants to support a good man who believes like I do that our society is on the slide and good men need to do something so that evil does not prevail.


Wow.  Why not just vote for the better candidate?  A week ago the Orlando Sentinel ran an article explaining how the Republican "Base" of Christians was just not motivated about this upcoming election.  I was mildly irritated by the article, but honestly, there was some truth to it.  With two gubernatorial candidates that we're not too sure of, and the front runner in the Senate primary can't even keep a staff, it seems like a mediocre cycle for believers. 

But Will McBride gives us something we can and should be excited about, and not just Christians, but true Conservatives of any stripe.  So why don't we just vote for the better candidate?  And why don't we encourage our friends and family to do the same?  Consider this my call for all of our Republican and Conservative readers to join the Will McBride campaign.  I also echo Bob's sentiment that Collins and Monroe should drop out and endorse McBride  Yes, it is an uphill battle, but shame on us if we don't even try.  There is far too much at stake.

Will McBride for Senate


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