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October 02, 2008

Enough already - He's not African American

I haven't posted here in a very long time and had basically "retired" from writing.  I can't stand it any longer however, so here we go.

What can't I stand?  The BS being tossed around this country's "media" as fact.  BARACK IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN!  If the unthinkable were to happen, Obama would not be the first African American President of the US, he would be the first President whose father was from Kenya.  His mother is white in case you don't know - no one talks about that FACT.  The reason it isn't brought up is because the left has mastered the race card.  You are only allowed to talk about race if you are a democrat.  Let me add, I don't give a rat's furry ass what color you are as long as you are qualified to hold the office you are running for. 

Obama has nothing in his career that qualifies him to run for the office of POTUS.  Writing books does not qualify you.  Wikipedia carries the following (by the way, almost anyone can add to wikipedia the facts as they see it):   

As a member of the Democratic minority in the 109th Congress, he helped create legislation to control conventional weapons and to promote greater public accountability in the use of federal funds. He also made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. During the 110th Congress, he helped create legislation regarding lobbying and electoral fraud, climate change, nuclear terrorism, and care for returned U.S. military personnel. After announcing his presidential campaign in February 2007, Obama emphasized withdrawing American troops from Iraq, energy independence, decreasing the influence of lobbyists, and promoting universal health care as top national priorities.

He HELPED create legislation, he made OFFICIAL trips (whatever that means), he HELPED create more legislation.  This tells me that he may be, read it again - may be qualified to run for VP.  He's a helper, not a leader.  Also, the part about "care for returned US military personnel" - please!  This is the same guy that said, “We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there.” …

He doesn't give a damn about our troops.  Certainly one with hopes of being President, a person who truly loves our country, wouldn't make that remark.


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This post is not even intelligent enough to be linked to from the weakest of news media... what the heck? This is just random ranting.

If any of your parents are from Africa, you're of African descent, hence African-American! And what's the point of trying to deny his heritage anyhow? That he's not black enough? For what? How does that even freaking matter worth discussing?

And how can you snydly comment on wikipedia's "anyone can say anything as if it's fact" in a BLOG... where YOU are ranting about stuff as if it's fact, when it's just your manipulation of symantics?

McCain may have made a good candidat 8 YEARS AGO... and probably would have been better than Bush THEN... But he's TOO DANGEROUS now.. fragile health, slipping mental state, and total puppet for a VP who'll end up taking over? You're nuts if you'd prefer that over a healthy, intelligent, analytical, Growth-oriented Obama who holds values closer to traditional historic founders of this country closer than any recent politician you could think of. Get a grip.

If all of your posts in post-retirement will be this idiotic, I'd suggest reconsidering retirement. Seriously. You admit that his father is African, yet you claim that Obama is not Afro-America? You know, besides knowing his family history and seeing his skin color, what other proof does one need to see that he's of African descent?

Jesus. I've always said that empirical evidence eludes wingnuts, but this is just beyond parody. It's far beyond stupid, as well. This post is a brand new dimension of asinine embarrassment.

Since you both are obviously adoring fans of Obama, I'll say it so my point is more obvious.
The term African American is used to pay homage to Africa, the country that some Americans consider to be their homeland (even though the vast majority have never set foot on that soil). The term has never been used to describe a caucasian. Therefore, it is misleading, which is absolutely one of the left wing's best traits, to say that he is African American. Using that term leaves out his mother - you know, the one birth parent that did not abandon him.
I also noticed neither of you responded to my statement that he, Obama, has nothing on his resume that qualifies him for the ofice of POTUS. Thanks to you both for helping me make that point.
Lastly, see how easy it is to comment without making personal attacks on a person. Although I disagree with you both, I did not act ignorant by calling you unintelligent, idiotic, or asinine. Your comments say much more about you than I could ever say.

Oh yes, because only the Obama partisans claim he's African American. Give me a fucking break.

The term has never been used to describe a caucasian.

I dunno if you're noticed this from his pictures and all, but, uhm.. Obama ain't quite white. You fucking idiot. You deride me for making personal insults yet how the fuck else am I supposed to describe somewhere who looks at a black man -- whose father is of African descent -- and says "He's not African American!" Dude, you're just a fucking dolt.

I also noticed neither of you responded to my statement that he, Obama, has nothing on his resume that qualifies him for the ofice of POTUS. Thanks to you both for helping me make that point.

If you don't think that legislative experience, as well as reaching the highest levels of the highest education anyone in the world can receive, doesn't make Obama qualified to be president then I'm not sure what else to say. Last election, we heard that Kerry -- a senator for over 20 years -- was "unfit for command". I guess the only qualification you assholes have for the presidency is a candidate's ability to suck Republican cock. Ironically enough, that would certainly make you qualified even though you're a goddamn moron.

"The term African American is used to pay homage to Africa, the country that some Americans consider to be their homeland..."

It's pretty silly to resort to pointing out typos in an argument, but this one was a little too delicious to ignore.

Peer Review can't say that my links don't bring readers. Heh.

Hat tip to JKR. My mistake, thanks for catching it.

Oboma is not white nor African American, i am half Italian and half Irish, so what should I call myself, Irish or Italian? Neither, I am a mut born in America, why does he choose to call himself African American, why Not Caucasian or mixed race?

Black America is dead.

African American is a term that was explicitly intended for people descended from slaves in America. Obama Hijacked the ethnic group(African American) for his own political gain. Black Americans have been hustled into believing that they have overcome something; not by a long shot. Black people, again, have been skipped over by someone who's history has nothing to do with the the 60's, civil war, the revolutionary war, the constitutional voting rights for blacks. Blacks, have erroneously accepted Obama as a "black man" when he in fact is black by default. It's sad. Black people have two choices now, to become African for real and find their roots, or to dismiss Obama as an "African American". Blacks must now change there names in order for all this 'Obama being black' thing, to be justified or make sense. the "New Black identity" is null and void, if Obama is at all a "black man" as what is defined in America.
Black America is dead.
African American must be redefined as any person of African decent who is an American citizen, so that African is the more significant identifier. I used to think African American was an official ethnic group of blacks in America for the last 400 years. I now know that I was wrong. The Black American identity is a joke. There is no difference between a black from Harlem and a black from Zimbabwe. Has being black been reduced from "cultural experience" to "skin color" by "black" people themselves with the help of the democratic party. All those years of suffering in America under prejudice and discrimination, all that history has been thrown in the toilet. HBCU's are philosophically worthless institutions now. NAACP has no ground to stand on.

Black America is dead.

Actually Barack Obama is 50% white from his 100% white mother, his father is 87.5% Arab and 12.5% black. Now you do the math... Barack Obama is around 6% black. Do a little research and find the true facts. Amazing what people don't want to know.

Obama is not A. AM. he is Whack.
Whack American is half white and half black...or...Whack.
Thank you for your time.

If you want to learn the truth read these sites. These are just a few of many. The two I included are long but will tell you more in a short time than you will ever know. If you don't think these are true I can give you 20 more. The truth is the truth is the truth. The first one goes very deep, that is where the truth is found...
The question addressed Obama's father, Obama Sr.
Obama Jr's mother was white.(50%)
Obama Jr's father (the other 50%)was 7/8's Arab and 1/8 Negro
Result: the candidate is 50% white, 44% Arab and 6% Negro (All of which would be irrelevant if he were not running as a black)
Siince posing the question I googled the subject and refer you to
and to http://thepeoplescube.com/red/viewtopic.php?t=1916.
As to the last site, please note that Obama's ancestors were enslavers not slaves.
Thanks for

The all American mom

If you liked this story then you may also like to know a few things about Obama's mama.

This has been all taken from Wikipedia, so if it were untrue or exaggerated, it would be disputed by the the Obama camp. They may actually be editing the page right now because her photo just disappeared from that page. A vanishing kommissarka, she. Luckily I still had it in the temporary internet files.

I'm all for Americans studying Russian, but when radical leftists in the 1960s studied Russian it could only mean they supported communism and thus the oppression of Soviet dissidents and gulag prisoners. Obama's parents met in a Russian class. I imagine they practiced together, trying to pronounce "KOLKHOZ" correctly. ASSHOLES.

Stanley Ann Dunham
Barack Obama's mother

Stanley Ann Dunham Obana Soetoro (November 29, 1942 - November 7, 1995), known as Ann Dunham and Stanley Ann Dunham, was an American anthropologist, left-wing social activist, and the mother of Senator Barack Obama. She was born in Fort Leavenworth , Kansas , to Stanley and Madelyn Dunham. Her father (who gave his only child his name) was a furniture salesman in downtown Seattle , Washington , and her mother worked for a bank. After a year living in Seattle , her family moved to Mercer Island , Washington , in 1956 so that 13-year old Ann could attend the Mercer Island High School that had just opened. At the school she was on the debate team and graduated in 1960.

Her family moved to Hawaii and Ann attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she studied anthropology. When Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii , she was a full fledged radical leftist and practitioner of "critical theory" She also began to engage in miscegenation (inter-racial rela ionships) as part of her attack on society. Susan Blake, one of her friends has stated she never dated "the crew-cut white boys," She had a world view, even as a young girl. It was embracing the different, rather than that ethnocentric thing of shunning the different. That was where her mind took her. In Hawaii she met Barack Obama, Sr. from Kenya in her Russian language class. Barack Obama, Jr. was born August 4, 1961.

Barack Obama, Sr. left Ann and their son in 1963 to attend Harvard in Boston . Press reports claim Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. were divorced around this time; however, no evidence has yet been presented to show they were ever married. The senior Obama obtained a masters degree in economics at Harvard and returned to Kenya in 1965 where he obtained a position in the Kenyan government. He was killed in an automobile accident in 1982.

Two years later, when her son was five, Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian oil manager and practicing Muslim whom she meet at the university. In 1967 they moved to Jakarta , Indonesia . While in Indonesia Ann got a job at the American embassy teaching English.

Barack's half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born in Indonesia . Ann, Obama and his sister Maya moved back to Hawaii . Ann Dunham soon returned toIndonesia with Maya but divorced Soetoro in the late 1970s.

Dunham traveled around the world, pursuing a career in rural development that took her to Ghana , India , Thailand , Indonesia , Nepal and Bangladesh . In 1986 Ann Dunham worked on a developmental project in Pakistan . Later that year Ann and her daughter traveled the Silk Road in China . In 1992 she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Hawaii . Her dissertation, "Peasant blacksmithing in Indonesia : Surviving and Thriving Against All Odds," was 1067 pages long. She worked for the Ford Foundation and promoted Microlending.

During Obama's campaign for the 2008 presidential election he portrayed his mother as a conservative girl from Kansas ; however in reality she was a radical leftist and cutural Marxist. She lived in the Seattle area; spending her teenage years in Seattle 's coffee shops with other young radical leftist. Obam a claims his mother's family were conserevative Methodists or Baptists from Kansas However his mother's parents were members of aleft-wing Unitarian church near Seattle. The church located in Bellevue , Washington was knicknamed "the little red church," because of it's communist leanings.

The school Ann attended, Mercer Island High School , was a hotbed of pro-Marxist radical teachers. John Stenhouse, board member, told the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and this school has a number of Marxists on it's staff. Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a critical theory curriculum to students which include d; rejection of societal norms, attacks on Christianity, the traditional family, and assigned readings by Karl Marx. The hallway between Foubert's and Wichterman classrooms was sometimes called "anarchy ally."

Dunham has been described by her friends as "a fellow traveler..." meaning a communist sympathizer.

In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his mother as "the dominant figure in my formative years... The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics."

Before she died Ann Dunham wanted to adopt a mixed-race Korean baby fathered by a Black American stationed in South Korea . Ann Dunham died in Hawaii in 1995 of ovarian cancer and uterine cancer.

I am tired of the African American title. I do not care if you are white, black, yellow, orange, or green. If you are a legal citizen of the United States of America, you are an American. I do not like my President being referred to as African American. It makes it sound like a foreigner is now in charge of our country. A lot of good points have been made here but one thing is certain - it is obviously time to redefine the racial identities in this country and drop the continent or country of origin of your race. By the way, the actress Charlize Theron is from South Africa - is she an African American? (for those who do not know - she is very white and from Africa)

we have a "Halfrican American President"

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