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October 17, 2008

Colin Powell may endorse Obama

101508_powellFormer Secretary of State Colin Powell may endorse Barack Obama as early as this weekend, a variety of news sources are reporting. Politico

The fact that this eventuality has been sepculated for months makes this less than surprising.

While I would never impugn Colin Powell's motives, I do think this falls somewhat short of a bold move considering the conventional wisdom has already as much as declared Obama the winner.

It's also not surprising considering that Powell has always appeared less than completely comfortable with the party and was never in the conservative camp.


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Yawn. A socially liberal Episcopalian, who also happens to be a registered Republican, endorses a socially liberal candidate who shares some of the same ethnicity because he would be "electrifying." I like Powell for the most part. He's a thoughtful warrior and a guy you'd like to have on your side in a fight. But he doesn't know economic policy, and his devotion to a liberal cultural ascendancy undermines his credibility on this. And the blunt truth remains, if Obama was a white Irish-American from Massachusets named O'Malley, he would not have endorsed Obama as it would not have been "electrifying." Hence Limbaugh's derision about Powells's endorsement being about race is probably correct.

Clearly, the reaction to Powell's endorsement has a stronger racial foundation than does the endorsement itself.

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