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September 05, 2007

Crist on Hometown Democracy

This is from an e-mail I received from Floridians for Smarter Growth:


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As much as I dislike Crist, he's right on this: "Smart Growth" isn't smart, it's stupid. If you want to strangle your economy, make housing as unaffordable as possible, and drive in LA-style gridlock, smart growth is for you.

The leader of Hometown Democracy is a millionaire who lives in Palm Beach. She doesn't care about affordable housing. And she probably didn't care about growth when she built her million-dollar home.

The Smarter growth people would have petition circulators lie, saying thier petition was to protect the beaches. They even made a fake video about a fake petition coordinator supposedly working for hometown. The Florida legislature is responsible. There is too many homes without anyone living in them anyway, we don't need to threaten the everglades any further. If you think the people not able to make the best decisions for ourselves with the initiative and referendum process, you are obviously convinced there is little value in human needs. The needs of rich developers come first over wild space protection??? Smarter growth was deceptive and is not supporting home bound physically disabled people like veterans because the initiative states people would have to recall the recall at the county voters office directly. Allowing 10% of the people to over throw an initiative is not democratic.

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