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May 14, 2007

Follow Rudy's Example; No Compromise

I must say that I do admire Rudy Giuliani's "no compromise" stance on abortion, even though it has taken him months to actually acknowledge it.  On Friday Rudy made his position clear, abortion is ok.  Sure he sugar coated it the way every pro-death republican does with 'I'm personally against it,' and 'I want to see the number of abortions reduced,' and 'we should support adoption,' and 'It is not my place to make that decision for others.'  The move is a real gamble for Giuliani as he's betting that Life won't be the issue that wins the day in the primary.  We could say that recent discoveries have forced him into solidifying this position, but regardless, I am glad to see him being forthright on the issue, unlike some others in previous campaigns.

So what can we take from all of this?  I suggest that Rudy has given us an example that we should follow.  Abortion is a position that Rudy has strong enough convictions about that he is unwilling to compromise.  I challenge you to do the same.  If you are pro-life, don't put that conviction for anybody, not even Rudy himself.  Life is an issue of quintessential importance to the soul of our nation and a victory for life will require our unbending resolve.  Rudy has set a great example, this is an issue that we should not be willing to compromise on.

Now, I've already heard from the apologists who argue that Rudy says he will appoint "strict constructionalist" judges.  While I can take some solace in that, he has also said that he will not have a litmus test, which scares me, and that he won't pick judges based on their views of Roe v. Wade, which scares me even more.  Why?  Because a judges position on Roe v. Wade and it ilk will necessarily define them as a "strict constuctionalist" or not.  If a judge can in any way justify a case which relies on "penumbras and eminations" from the constitution, they are not a strict constructionalist.  I will have a hard time believing that Rudy, with as resolute as he is on abortion, and with as wishy-washy as his standard for judges seems to be, will affirmatively appoint strict constructionalists.  This is simply not a risk I am willing to take.

So follow Rudy's example, stand strong by your convictions.  Vote for a candidate who stands by you.  Pro-Lifers, vote against Rudy.


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