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August 03, 2006

Cynthia McKinney - a waste

Browsing around the net today, I came across another story about this woman.  I do not refer to her as a Congresswoman because I think to do so would be a disservice to those serving in Congress.  Curiosity getting the best of me, I traveled to her website to see what she thinks.  Know what I learned, she's a waste of time and money.

She "showcased" her legislation at the Hip Hop Power Shop.  What legislation?  HR's 2554 and 4968.  They deal with MLK and Tupac.  She wants the files on them made public - whatever.  What gets me is this statement - two outstanding African-Americans, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and song artist Tupac Amaru Shakur.  Outstanding?  I'll grant you that MLK was a great man trying to make good changes but the world knows that he plagiarized like it was nobody's business.  Still, I liked him and admired him for his efforts.

Tupac?  Please.  He was a criminals criminal.  I do not dispute that he had talent but he had eight arrests by the time he was in his twenties.  I know, he was a product of his environment and all that yadda yadda.  Crap!  AFTER his second album reached fourth on the charts and AFTER he was in the movie Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson, he went to prison for sexual assault.

Is Tupac really the type of person that should be lifted up as an example of  an "outstanding" African-American?  Not in my humble opinion.  How about Colin or Condi?  That's right, they're Republicans so they don't count.  Off the top of my head, I dare say that Barack Obama is a much more outstanding AMERICAN (not just African-American) than Tupac.

Cynthia, you're done.  Your party has abandoned you as a casualty and they were right to do so.  Maybe the person to take your place will actually do something and not just take up space in Congress.


Just about all of the self-proclaimed black "leaders" are frauds. Take for instance the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson - who never graduated from a seminary, extorts money from large corporations and impregnates PUSH Coalition staffers in his spare time. HE has also exploited the fact that he was there when MLK was shot to become a shakedown artist. Then there's the "Reverend" Al Sharpton - again, never went to seminary. He's the one who whipped up protesters into a frenzy, resulting in the Crown Heights riots of 1991 and a 1995 arson attack on a Jewish jewelry store in Harlem which resulted in 8 deaths. Then there's anti-white, anti-Semitic Louis Farrakan who in 1995 claimed that he was abducted by aliens while in Mexico in 1985. This same spaceship supposedly carries the prophet Muhammed who will destroy the white race for not embracing Islam. It's no wonder race relations have gone nowhere in the past 30 years.

Links for the information provided above:

Abuducted by a spaceship piloted by muhammed.... Priceless.

It is frustrating when there are so many African-Americans that truly do believe the above mentioned are great leaders. As you stated, they have mastered the art of the shake-down or exploitation. No one can deny that the only time you hear their names in the news is when there is some "event" that will guarantee them some spotlight time. It's sad and disgusting.

You know what's priceless? A bunch of white boys sitting around in their skivvies lamenting about the lack of "quality" black leaders. You think your leaders are so much better? Please. I can point to white conservatives who have done more damage over the last fifty years than anyone of color has. It may make you feel good to trash Islam and dump on African-Americans for their choice in leaders (you'd love to be in charge everywhere, wouldn't you?) - however, it's not helping anyone.

Reach out and try to understand that which is different from you. It's the only way relations will improve.

You get to pick your leaders and let the rest of the world pick theirs and let's try to work together.

Oh, wait. That's right. Improvement is not the goal is it?

Kate - My post was about McKinney. Someone else posted about the so-called African American leaders; I responded to that person. Now, do you have anything to say about McKinney, Jackson, or Sharpton - or do you prefer to just sit there thinking about us in our skivvies?

The only thing I mentioned about Islam is what the head of the Nation of Islam said about it. And I didn't criticize blacks for their "choice" of leaders. These "leaders" forced themselves into the limelight when they recognized that a vacuum existed after the death of a true leader - MLK. Just like some banana republic dictator, they feed on power and pandering. Also, if you read my post, I said nothing about conservatives being in power to solve the problem. Race relations don't benefit from one particular group being in power. They benefit from personal interactions between persons of differing races. That's what liberals can't stand - the thought of people getting along without their "help".

Islam and the Nation of Islam are two different groups. Kinda like Jefferson Airplane and Starship. Kinda like Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. Kinda like...oh forget it. I'm gonna go back to thinking about C, H, and Bob in their underwear.

The Green Party must really be confused and desperate. After watching Cynthia McKinney's behavior, hitting the Capitol Hill police officer, in 2006, I couldn't imagine her running for dog catcher. Why would anybody in their right mind elect McKinney to anything ... let alone the Presidency of the United States?

More park sausages mom,PLEASE

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