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June 14, 2006

No Recovery for Sullied, Former Palm Beach County Deputies

In sifting through the news items and judicial decisions from the past few weeks, a set of two Florida cases, caught my attention that didn't seem to get much by the media: Thaeter v. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and Maxwell v. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (The two cases were decided in one trial as they dealt with the same circumstances).

The case involves three Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBCSO) deputies; Ronald Thaeter, Timothy Moran, and Jack Maxwell who were invited by the wife of deputy Maxwell to join her, along with their own wives, in the photographing and filming of group sex acts for display on the internet.  The shoot also included a PBSCO police car.  The three officers participated and got caught.  Maxwell resigned when the internal investigation began.  Thaeter and Moran brought a lawsuit when they were fired. 

The decision on the case turned on the issues of whether the deputies properly reported their outside "employment" pursuant to regulations governing the Sheriff's office, and whether the deputies acts were protected by free speech.  The trial judge in the case and the 11th Circuit panel handled the issues well and concluded that the firing was valid as it followed the regulations guiding the PBCSO and was not impermissibly restrictive of the officers' right to free speech.

But that's not what caught my attention, rather, it was the discussion in this article about the violation of the officers' pledge, including the line, "I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all."  One attorney involved with the case, Richard Rosenbaum of Fort Lauderdale admitted "I've tried as best as I can to figure what [unsullied] means, and if I don't know, I don't know how a regular police officer can be put on notice about what he can and can't do." 

Honesty, I'd have a hard time giving you a legal definition of "sullied" as well, but I would not hesitate to say that three police officers participating in group sex acts for distribution over the internet falls well within the borders of leading a "sullied" private life as well as substantially short of serving as an "example to all."


Elizabeth (Ellie) Maxwell is a slut

Is this referring to Ellie Maxwell whose maiden name is Ellie Hall from Wellington Fl?

Yes, that is exactly who I am referring to. Ellie Hall. Not a very wholesome woman

I knew her and her brother Adam from back in the early 1991. I have not heard from them in a few years. Once in a while I try to find them on the internet. I knew she married a "Maxwell" and still lived in the that area. Does anyone know how I can reach either of them?

Her and Maxwell got divorced years ago and she is now engaged to someone else. Sadly, Maxwell recently passed away. Anyway, from what I hear, they both still live in the area. Ellie, I believe, lives in Loxahatchee with her Fiance.

Thanks Johnathan.....I appreciate the information. I can at least narrow my search down. Take care...

Was her website, Kylee christopher?

Yes, it was Kyleechristopher.com

That's her

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